Air Recirculation Button Keeps Turning Off | What Can You Do?

Air recirculation button keeps turning off

Recently, I noticed that my car’s air recirculation button keeps turning off. Even though I tried multiple times to keep the air recirculation button turning on because of getting the cold temperatures in my car, I failed.

After checking out, I found that my car’s air recirculation button keeps turning off because of two reasons. First, the compression is not getting enough power, and the second thing is that it brings in fresh oxygenated air from outside, and already the car’s environment is much warmer.

This article will give you detailed information on these two causes and the solutions. So, keep reading to get a clear concept and fix the issue.

Air Recirculation Button Keeps Turning Off

Air recirculation is an essential part of the car interior, keeping the environment cool. You will get a button from your car dashboard to use this feature.

You are unable to get air recirculation service when the button is not working. Sometimes, it is hard enough to keep the button turning on because of some internal problem.

I check out this problem myself in my car and found two problems. Here, you will get the causes, and from the below section, you will get the solutions.

First of all, I found the extremely warm problem. The air recirculation system is not worked properly when the car interior becomes extremely warm. Finally, it stops the air circulation, and when you press the button to turn it on, it again turns off.

Secondly, the car’s compressor is not providing enough power, which helps the air recirculation work. After all, without getting power, the system is not worked properly.

These are the two common causes which I found in my car. Actually, I found a warm problem in my car and another problem I heard from my friend. I think your car also comes with these problems which you need to fix.

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How to Fix Air Recirculation Button Keep Turning Off?

Now, you have enough information, and the causes of the air recirculation button keep turning off. Check out the following solution if your air recirculation button keeps turning off.

A Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is a common reason which keeps turning off the air recirculation button. To fix the issue, you can check out the following guideline.

  • First of all, take a screwdriver to remove the button from the dashboard
  • Second, remove the button with disconnecting the wires
  • Third, remove the fuse and install a new fuse
  • Fourth, re-connect the wire and install the button again
  • Finally, the button should be worked properly

Warm Up the Interior

This is another reason I found in my car to keep turning off the air recirculation button. So, how can you fix this problem?

Well, open the car window for some time. It would be better for you to use an external cooler on the car so that the warm temperature reduces and you can fix the problem. Though it is not a proven solution, I believe that it still worked.

The compressor Is Not Get Enough Power

When the compressor is not getting enough power, it is common that the air recirculation button is not working. Even the whole system stops working. So, check out your car’s compressor, and if you find the problem, you need to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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Ford Explorer Air Recirculation Button

Ford Explorer air recirculation button not working or keep turning off is a common problem nowadays. My friend has Ford, and he faced this problem and told me about this matter.

However, the main problem he found was a blown a fuse. He thought that a blown fuse was the main culprit, which kept the button turning off.

So, if you have Ford Explorer, you can check out the blown a fuse and replace it to fix the issue. If the problem still comes out, you should contact with your nearest automobile shop to fix the issue.

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Should You Leave Air Recirculation On?

Typically, you should turn off the air recirculation button when the weather is extremely cold, and you don’t need to keep your car interior cold temperature.

An air recirculation system is a good solution for AC. So, it worked in warm temperatures. If you feel much warmer in the car, you can turn on the button without thinking anymore.

Make sure that you don’t turn on the air recirculation at all times. Because it takes much power and takes power from the compressor, which also affects your car battery.

So, when you need to use AC of your car, you can use air recirculation. Otherwise, you can turn off the air recirculation to save power and keep your car’s interior environment comfortable.

Does Air Recirculation Reduce Fuel Consumption?

The answer is yes. Air recirculation is capable of reducing fuel consumption. It saves fuel because it helps AC to take less energy and provides enough power.

The system, materials, and technology made the air recirculation system fuel consumption. Undoubtedly, air recirculation reduces fuel consumption and saves fuel costs.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Should the air recirculation button be on or off?

Answer: It depends on your living area’s weather and the car’s interior temperature. For example, if the weather is extremely cold, you don’t need to use air recirculation. Moreover, if the weather is warm, you can turn on the air recirculation to get a cold temperature.

Q: Does recirculation save fuel?

Answer: The official answer is yes. Recirculation reduces fuel consumption. It helps the AC to produce enough cold temperatures without spending much energy. So, it is true that air recirculation of the car is ready to save fuel.

Q: Should you use recirculation with AC?

Answer: Recirculation with AC saves energy and fuel and provides other benefits. Recirculation not only reduces fuel consumption but also reduces stress from the car. Recirculation is an essential part of the car that you should not avoid.

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