Are Auto Dimming Mirrors Worth It? [Is It Worth for Your Vehicle]

are auto dimming mirrors worth it

Some of the accessories of the car are inseparable. Auto Dimming mirrors are also an essential accessory for the car. If you don’t have updated knowledge of the automotive industry, it is common thing that you won’t hear the name of this thing.

Auto-dimming mirrors are built for back and rear side mirrors; once you find driving around your car, high beam light which makes it impossible to see when reflected by the rear or side views mirrors.

So, are auto dimming mirrors worth it? Generally, this type of mirror helps you to drive smoothly at night. It helps you to open your eyes even with high brightness, which comes from other lights. The mirror reduces the brightness and helps you to drive safely. Overall, it is not only a worthwhile product but also mandatory who need to drive at night.

What Is Auto Dimming Mirrors?

Auto-dimming mirrors dim the brightness and help you focus on your driving. We always face brightness problems at night to drive. The other vehicles, especially big trucks, bikes, or cars, directly fall the brightness on our eyes.

When you install auto-dimming mirrors in your vehicle, it reduces reflection and dims the brightness to provide you with a safe driving experience. The main task of this mirror is to dim the brightness.

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Are Auto Dimming Mirrors Worth It?

Yes, auto-dimming mirrors are worth enough for you. But why is it worth enough? Let me discuss in detail about this matter.

First of all, this mirror is one of the best solutions for the person who needs to drive the vehicle late at night. It dims the brightness which comes from other vehicles and street lights.

Secondly, the mirror comes dust-free which means you don’t need to clean it several times to use it. On the other hand, it ensures your safe driving in any condition.

Third, the auto-dimming mirror provides you with enough brightness, which is also called standard brightness. There are plenty of advantages you will discover from the auto-dimming mirrors.

All most all automobile experts suggest using the auto-dimming mirror on the vehicle for safe riding as well as driving. So, undoubtedly, auto-dimming mirrors are worth enough for a vehicle to drive safely at night or in extreme sunshine.

How Do Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors Work?

How Do Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors Work

Now, the question is, how do auto-dimming mirrors work? The answer is simple, but one needs to know the detail.

The manufacturers of vehicles first thought to design auto-dimming mirrors, known as Gentex coined. Behind the car or vehicle on your vehicle refer to being blocked by the headlight behind you.

This effect is truly risky and can cause accidents. However, this effect is also known as Troxler Effect. The automobile manufacturer thought that they had discovered something which prevented Troxler Effect, and we find auto-dimming mirrors.

This reduces glare from the vehicle headlight process, mostly known as electrochromic. It is an advanced technology that reduces light brightness and dims the mirror automatically.

The manufacturer of this mirror used two features or sensors ready to detect the brightness and dim the brightness to avoid the risk of accidents.

Do Auto-Dimming Mirrors Need Power?

So many car owners avoid using auto-dimming mirrors because of needing power. The technology and electrochromic material need the power to operate.

It connects with your vehicle battery and easily operates via lower voltage. It takes power from the battery with both AC and DC modes.

So, you have to connect auto-dimming mirrors with your vehicle power so that it can provide you clear and dim view.

Why Auto-Dimming Mirrors Are Worth It? Popular Reasons

Why Auto-Dimming Mirrors Are Worth It? Popular Reasons

If you want to get all of the benefits of auto-dimming mirrors and safely drive without getting problems from brightness, you have to pay for it.

It is a good idea to assemble the mirror on the vehicle. You should not avoid this type of mirror when you need to drive at night and in extreme sun conditions.

Though the above information is enough to know why auto-dimming mirrors are worth it for you, here are some other causes why auto-dimming mirrors are worth it for your vehicle.

Number 1: Afraid to Drive at Night

If you are a new driver and afraid to drive at night, auto-dimming mirrors may be one of the best solutions for you.

Some of the cars used extreme brightness lights, which is illegal. But they don’t maintain the law, and that’s why you should install auto-dimming mirrors for safer driving at night.

Number 2: Highway Driving at Night

When you need to drive on the highway at night, you should not miss installing the mirror on the car. Here, you will find heavy and large size trucks and so many cars that thread for you because of brightness.

After installing an auto-dimming mirror on your vehicle, you can easily avoid this type of problem. Overall, the auto-dimming mirror is one of the best solutions for you.

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What Cars Have Auto-Dimming Side Mirrors?

There is no rule set that all car needs to use auto-dimming side mirrors. However, some of the vehicles don’t use this type of mirror. After my research, I found the following cars which don’t use this type of mirror.

  • The car doesn’t use auto-dimming side mirrors because of not driving on the highway.
  • Secondly, some car owners think that auto-dimming mirrors are too small to see, which is why they don’t use this type of mirror.
  • Third and final, some car owners don’t know about this type of mirror.

These points are the main caused why car owners don’t use this type of mirror. But, there is no myth to don’t using auto-dimming side mirrors on the car.

What Car Owners Thought About Auto-Dimming?

Most of the cars come with a pre-installed auto-dimming mirror, and that’s why they don’t know about this matter. They actually don’t think that it is a problem.

Moreover, this type of mirror is not very popular among vehicle owners, which is why they don’t hear about it.

Furthermore, the majority of car owners don’t think the auto-dimming mirror is a special mirror, and they won’t want to cost separately for the mirror. Overall, the majority of car owners are not concerned about this type of mirror for their vehicles.

Is Auto-Dimming Mirrors Costly?

If you compare conventional mirrors with auto-dimming mirrors are costly. There have some logical reasons to make the mirror costly.

For example, conventional mirrors don’t use blind light technology, which blocks brightness and makes the mirror dim. For this reason, this type of mirror manufacturer demands extra money.

On the other hand, the price of auto-dimming is not much higher. If you want to choose the mirror for your car, you should spend $100 to $200.

To choose the mirror for the truck, you should spend some extra money, like $120 to $250 or less.

Should I Get Auto-Dimming Mirrors?

Of course, you should consider auto-dimming mirrors for your vehicle because it allows you to drive safely at night.

If you are a person who newly drives a car, you should not miss using this mirror. Because it extremely helps you to drive your car at night for both local and highway road.

Automobile experts also suggest getting auto-dimming mirrors because of safe and cool driving. So, don’t miss this technology to drive safely at night.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why do auto dimming mirrors fail?

Answer: The main cause your auto-dimming mirrors failed is because of the sensor is off. This mirror comes with several sensors and main 2 sensors, which you need to turn on first. Moreover, you can also check out the connection of power because sometimes it disconnects.

Q: Does Toyota have auto-dimming mirrors?

Answer: The answer is yes. But, Toyota doesn’t install auto-dimming mirrors for all of the models. You will discover this type of mirror for most brands of cars. But check out the mirror manually to confirm that your car used auto-dimming mirrors.

Is It Clear to You?

Auto-dimming mirrors are basically designed to reduce blind brightness, which comes from other vehicles. On the other hand, the manufacturers designed this type of mirror for safe driving on the highway.

I would love to suggest you install an authentic auto-dimming mirror on your vehicle to avoid blind and extreme brightness when you are driving.

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