Can You Add Memory Seats to a Car? [A Practical Answer]

Can you add memory seats to a car

Memory seats to a car mean special car seats which you can set in different positions to get maximum comfort. But, it is also true that all of cars don’t come with this feature. So, can you add memory seats to a car when your car doesn’t have this feature?

The answer is yes. You can add memory seats to your car. It is an expensive feature. You need to spend lots of money to add memory seats. You need to spend money because of requires new wiring harnesses, added new programmable features, and a bunch of modules.

In this article, I am going to share with you deep information about this question. So, keep reading to get a clear concept about this concept.

What Is a Memory Seat in a Car?

A memory seat is a special seat in a car. This seat is operated by electric power. Users can set the seat position like their own based on comfort.

There are three different positions users will get from a memory seat. Based on their need, drivers can set the position of the seats. Typically, the three positions are ready for short, mid, and long journeys.

The memory seat control panel or button on your car dashboard will be found. You will find the buttons in the car dashboard’s middle section. Moreover, the modern car provides a touch of benefits. It means that you will see the seat position on the display, so you can easily set it.

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Can You Add Memory Seats to a Car?

First of all, you will add memory seats to a car without facing any troubles. But you need to spend a lot of money to assemble memory seats for a car. Why is it expensive?

It is expensive because you must add new programmable functions, modules, seats, connections, and other things. These things are expensive to buy.

On the other hand, adding memory seats to a car is a little bit complicated. Because you need to follow a proper algorithm. If you are a beginner person, you should avoid assembling a memory seat on your car.

According to my experience, automobile shops charge a large amount of money to add memory seats to a car. So, if you think that you have enough budget to add memory seats to your car, you can go for it.

Undoubtedly, memory seat provides users with maximum comfort. Most importantly, a memory seat is much better for an old person or someone uncomfortable for long journeys.

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How Much Does It Cost to Add Memory Seat on My Car?

You must purchase all the parts separately to add a memory seat to your car. The total cost you may need to spend is nearly $1500, including a seat.

So, what should you buy? Well, you have to buy a memory seat, motor, connector, dashboard, and so many things.

If you want to take service from an automobile shop, you may need more money because of their service cost. To get a clear concept about the cost, you will also contact with your nearby automobile shop so that they can provide you a good idea.

Memory Seat Control Module Replacement

The memory seat, which comes with an electric power module replacement, costs nearly $539 and $560. The labor cost is not included in this amount.

The labor cost should be a maximum of $90 based on the average level of the shop. So, how can you replace the module of your car memory seat control? According to Chevyavalanchefanclub, you need to complete the following process.

  1. Remove the seat cushion from your car
  2. After removing the seat, you will find the upper electrical harness connectors
  3. Remove the screws from the module retaining
  4. Now, it is time to slide the module to the right to disengage the lower retainers
  5. In this step, you need to disconnect the lower harness connectors
  6. Remove the module from your car
  7. Now, you need to position the module into the car
  8. Connect your lower harness connectors
  9. Tight the screws of your car module retailing
  10. Don’t forget to connect the upper electrical harness connectors
  11. Finally, you have to reassemble the seat to complete the process

You have to complete these 11 steps properly for control module replacement without making any mistakes. If you think the process is complicated for you, you can get help from an expert or an automobile shop.

Does the Hyundai Kona Have Memory Seats?

Hyundai Kona doesn’t come with memory seats. You won’t find any button on your car dashboard for the memory seat to control.

According to the Hyundai manufacturer, this car model has no memory seat. Even it is hard enough to assemble a memory seat on this car model.

So, if you have a Hyundai Kona car, you should understand that the manufacturer doesn’t add the memory seat. Moreover, you should avoid adding a memory seat because of needing much money to add a memory seat.

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Hyundai Elantra Memory Seats

Hyundai Elantra comes with memory seats as well as ventilated seats. You will consider the memory seat because it allows you to get the perfect position to get maximum comfort.

Moreover, this car’s memory seats come in three different positions based on the passenger’s journey. The driver can set the position using the dashboard of the car.

Furthermore, you will also consider Hyundai Elantra memory seats in any of the positions based on your need.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can you install aftermarket memory seats?

Answer: No, you can’t install aftermarket. The seat can’t be retrofitted. It is truly frustrating that the non-hybrid doesn’t get either.

Q: Does Hyundai have memory seats?

Answer: The official answer is yes. But all of the Hyundai cars don’t come with memory seats. You will get memory seat benefits from the most modern Hyundai cars. You will check out the car user manual to know whether your Hyundai car has a memory seat or not.

Wrapping Up!

Sometimes memory seat is essential for our body to get maximum comfort and pain relief. If you have an old person in your family, you may hardly avoid using the memory seat of the car. But, it is a harsh reality that all cars don’t come with memory seats.

Undoubtedly, you will add a memory seat to your car. But it costs a lot. You must purchase several parts and tools to add a memory seat to the car. It would be better for you to contact with an automobile shop to get a complete package.

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