Car Air Recirculation Not Working | Reasons & Solutions

car air recirculation not working

The air recirculation keeps the car interior cool down. It not only keeps the car interior cool but also relieves the car air compressor bowler motor a lot of stress. When you start the recirculation button, the cold wind first starts to come out.

Car air recirculation not working means the air recirculation compressor doesn’t get enough power, the air intake is blocked, or blown a fuse. These are the main reasons why your car’s air recirculation is not working properly, and of course, you need to fix them as soon as possible.

This article helps you to find out some core reasons why you don’t allow yourself to turn on the air recirculation of your car. Moreover, you will also get a simple and effective solution to solve the problem. So, stay connected.

What Is the Air Recirculation?

The air recirculation system is designed to keep the car’s environment cool down and comfortable weather. When the AC is on, the air recirculation system starts to work. There have some differences between AC and air recirculation.

This system is ready to provide better performance to keep the environment of your car. It not only works to keep the environment cold but also reduces stress and bad smell and also provides other protection.

But, in cooler weather, air recirculation is not worked much better, and you probably don’t need to use air recirculation. You will easily find out air recirculation system on the dashboard to see the U-turn arrow inside.

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How Does It Work?

When you switch the AC, the air recirculation system starts to work. The system is connected to the AC of the car and provides the best cooling performance.

But how is it work? Well, the air recirculation system comes with a battery-powered of your car, which provides the power to work.

On the other hand, after getting battery power and command, it produced fresh air inside the car and cooled the environment.

To get the diagram of your car’s air recirculation, you can check out the car papers to clearly understand this matter. Or you will also contact a car manufacturer to get more information about this matter.

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Why Is Car Air Recirculation Not Working?

There are plenty of reasons not to work the air recirculation of your car. Here, you will discover some core reasons so that you can be aware of this matter.

Besides knowing the causes, you will also get the solution so that you don’t need to search for the solution here and there.

Blown Fuse

It is a common cause that I found in my car. A blown fuse means the vent system. For the vent system, the air recirculation is not working properly.

A blown fuse provides the power of your vehicle’s air recirculation so that it can work. When it doesn’t work, the air recirculation is not working because, without power, the compressor is not working.


You have to replace the damaged blown a fuse to solve the issue. You can take service from a reliable automobile shop to fix the issue.

Blocked Air Intake

The air recirculation doesn’t work when the air intake is blocked. Most of the time, the air intake is blocked because of clogs and some other problems.


You must clean clogged and other surfaces blocking the air intake to fix the problem. So, how to unblock your car air intake? Check out the following step-by-step guide.

  • First of all, you need to remove the air filter. Remove both of the wing nuts to remove the filter.
  • Secondly, Spray the air filter with filter cleaner. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to remove clogs and other this type of problems.
  • Third, after cleaning the filter properly, you need to reassemble the filter. If the filter is damaged, you need to consider a new one.

These two reasons and solutions are truly effective and easy to apply. So, try to find out the problems first and fix them as soon as possible.

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Air Recirculation Button not working Toyota

If your Toyota air recirculation button is not working, you may need to understand that there have some problems. First of all, you should check the air intake because it is usually blocked, and the air recirculation is not working.

On the other hand, blowing a fuse is another reason why your Toyota air recirculation has not worked. A blown fuse provides the air compressor power, and that’s why the circulation works.

Check out these two problems and also check out the above solution. I hope that the above reasons and solutions help you a lot to fix the issue.

Air Recirculation Button Not Working Dodge Charger

You should check out the button connection when the air recirculation button is not working on your Dodge charger. Take a screwdriver to unscrew and remove the button.

On the other hand, most of the time Dodge charger air recirculation button is not worked because of intake is blocked with clogged.

So, if you find clogged or another harmful thing on the air intake of your Dodge charger, you need to remove them and clean the area to fix the issue. If you are still facing the same problem, you should take service from a reliable automobile shop.

Air Recirculation Button Not Working Chrysler 300

A common problem of Chrysler is that the air recirculation button is not working properly. Even after 3 to 4 times flush, the button is not worked.

This problem comes out because the air intake is blocked or the button becomes older. If your Chrysler 300 runs for a long time, the button is probably incapable of working properly.

On the other hand, you should also check out the button connection. Because sometimes the button comes with loose connection with wire and it is unable to work.

Overall, you can clean the button properly with chemicals and re-install it to get better performance. If you think that the button is damaged, you should replace the button as fast as possible.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why does recirculation stop?

Answer: There are plenty of reasons that stop your car’s recirculation. First, you need to check out the air intake, which is blocked because of clogging. So, fix the problem and remove the clog. On the other hand, the power supply is another factor. If the compressor doesn’t get proper power, you may face this problem.

Q: Does recirculation make AC colder?

Answer: The official answer is yes. Recirculation makes the AC colder. It provides enough temperature so that the AC system make cools down your car environment. When your car recirculation comes with any problem, your car interior temperature also changes.

Final Words!

Car air recirculation is essential for the car to keep the environment cool. Moreover, this system also reduces the stress on the car to provide better performance. But, when it doesn’t work, your car environment may not be comfortable. Most of the time, the air recirculation not worked because of the blocked air intake, blown fuse, faulty wire connection, and others. So, fix them as soon as possible and keep your car interior cool down.

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