Cheap Oil Filter Vs Expensive | A Comparison Chart

Cheap oil filter vs expensive

Oil filter is an important part of the engine of the vehicle. It reduces friction, rust, and other harmful things which come with oil. Different brands produce different types of oil filters for vehicles.

You will discover two types of oil filters based on the price such as cheap and expensive. It is the wrong idea that a cheap oil filter is not good enough. If you can consider quality oil filters, it is easy to find quality ones without spending much money.

But what are the actual difference have from a cheap oil filter and an expensive filter? Or which one is the better option for your vehicle? This article helps you to make the right choice.

Cheap Oil Filter Vs Expensive

My research shows that expensive oil filters provide much better performance than cheap oil filters because an expensive oil filter comes with high-quality ingredients and constructions.

Moreover, the expensive filter is also ready to provide durable performance. They can provide solid performance because of high-quality parts and filter elements.

Similarly, the cheap filter is also good enough but not like an expensive oil filter. Cheap oil filter don’t capable of using high-quality filter parts because of reduced cost.

On the other hand, the most expensive oil filters provide warranty service. But, from a cheap oil filter, you may hardly find a warranty service.

Overall, the expensive oil filter deeply worked to remove rust, friction, corrosion, and other harmful things from the oils. It also ensures only natural oil on the engine.

Though a high-priced oil filter provides maximum protection, sometimes inexpensive oil filters fail to remove harmful elements deeply.

Note all of the inexpensive oil filters are not bad enough. Some cheap oil filter provides better performance than expensive oil filter.

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What Is the Difference Between Cheap Oil Filter & Expensive Oil Filter?

It is a common thing that an expensive oil filter provides better performance than a cheap oil filter. Am I right? But how can you differentiate them easily? The following differences point helps you to differentiate them easily.

1. Media or Material

The main difference between cheap and expensive oil filters is media or material. The cheap oil filter doesn’t come with high-quality and premium-grade material.

On the other hand, expensive oil filters are ready to provide premium-grade materials or media which provide durable and quality performance.

2. Protection

An expensive oil filter’s materials and internal designs are far better than an inexpensive oil filter. Moreover, it is ready to protect the engine from friction, rust, and other harmful things from the oil.

Though an inexpensive oil filter is also ready to provide protection, sometimes it is failed to protect the engine. Moreover, it doesn’t filter continuously of the oil.

3. Miles to Use

The cheap oil filter is suitable for 3000 miles of use. This oil filter does not provide you with more miles to drive with fresh or natural oil.

On the other hand, an expensive oil filter is ready to provide up to 10000 miles of uses advantages. Moreover, you can also avoid replacing the oil filter frequently.

4. Durability

Undoubtedly, expensive oil filter comes with durable elements. They can reduce the maximum harmful things without damaging internal parts, so users can use the oil filter for a long time.

On the other hand, the cheap oil filter is not ready to take enough load. The internal parts and materials are easily damaged when it takes much pressure.

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A Comparison Chart of Cheap & Expensive Oil Filter

Expensive Oil FilterCheap Oil Filter
Comes with better internal parts and designsThe internal parts may not much stronger
Expensive oil filter comes with quality media or materialMost of the cheap oil filter doesn’t use quality media or material
Of course, an expensive oil filter provides durable performanceIt is also durable but not more than expensive oil filter
Reduce rust, corrosion, friction, and other harmful things from oilThe cheap oil filter sometimes failed to reduce harmful things
This type of oil filter is ready to provide up to 10000 miles advantageThe inexpensive oil filter is ready to provide maximum 3000 miles advantage

How Are They Similar?

Though they have key differences, you will get some similarities between these two oil filters. Check out the following similarities to get a clear concept.

1. Reduce Harmful Things

Their main task is to reduce harmful things from the oil. No matter how much friction, rust, and other harmful things are removed. Because they always try their best to remove harmful things and keep the engine protected.

2. Work for Vehicles

Both of the oil filters are designed for working on the vehicle’s engine. They filter the oil and provide pure oil for the vehicle’s engine. In this perspective, their gaols are also similar.

Are High Mileage Oil Filters Worth It?

It is a good investment in high-mileage oil filters. Because, it provides nearly 3000 to 10000 mileage benefits. Moreover, a high mileage oil filter is also ready to provide new additives benefits.

Furthermore, a car owner also frequently reduces the cost of applying new oil filters when he uses high mileage oil filters.

On the other hand, you will also save your vehicle engine from rust and stains for a long-time. Overall, a high-mileage oil filter is far better than a lower-mileage oil filter.

Is It Worth Getting a More Expensive Oil Filter?

An expensive oil filter provides you with some extra benefits than a cheap oil filter. Most of the time, it is worth enough. The following points help you to understand why you should consider an expensive oil filter.

  • An expensive oil filter provides a better internal solution as well as premium media
  • Provides durable performance
  • Clean the oil from rust, stain, friction, and other harmful things
  • Provides up to 10000 mileages advantage

These are the key benefits that you get from an expensive oil filter. There are plenty of advantages you will discover from an expensive oil filter.

How to Choose High Quality Oil Filter?

To consider a high-quality oil filter, I suggest you keep in mind only 4 factors. These 4-factors are truly effective in considering the best quality oil filter.

Capture Capacity & Size

The premium quality oil filter comes with 95% or better at 10 microns. It easily captures small and large size harmful things from the oil. So, consider a large-size capture capacity oil filter to get better performance.


Of course, design is always important. Here, design means functions and filtration media. You have to consider a well-designed oil filter for your vehicle.

Dirt Holding Capacity

If you have a clogged oil filter, you have to focus on dirt-holding capacity. Because, when your engine comes with dirt, it becomes clogged. To remove the clog, you may need to spend a lot of money. So, it would be better for you to consider dirt holding capacity oil filter.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Does price of oil filter matter?

Answer: Yes, the price of an oil filter matters a lot. An expensive oil filter provides better performance than a cheap price oil filter. Moreover, the expensive oil filter comes with better media and protection system.

Q: Does a good oil filter make a difference?

Answer: A good oil filter is always a blessing for the vehicle’s engine. It protects the engine from rust, stains, and clogging elements. Though a good oil filter provides the best performance, it also demands an extra price.

Q: Are K&N oil filters good quality?

Answer: K&N is one of the best oil filters on the market, and nearly all of the brands do not provide the best performance like it. On the other hand, K&N provides the best performance and also demands extra money.

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