Chemical Guys VRP Vs Silk Shine [Best Comparison & Final Decision]

Chemical Guys VRP Vs Silk Shine

VRP and Silk shine are two different tire-dressing products that come from a brand named Chemical Guys. Though they come from a single company, the products have lots of dissimilarities and benefits.

Chemical Guys VRP Vs Silk Shine are two common products that allow the vehicle tire to polish and keep its original color. Their ingredients, working process, and formula are also different.

You will discover different types of tire dressing products to keep your vehicle tire new. But, today, I only narrowed down these two tire dressing products so that you will make the right choice.

What Is Chemical Guys VRP?

Chemical Guys is a brand that is well-known in the automotive industry. VRP is a tire dressing product that comes from this brand.

VRP is a dressing formula mostly used for dressing vehicle tires and making them clean, crystal, and new.

VRP is not only suitable for tire materials, but also you can apply this product the plastic, vinyl, and rubber materials. The cars and other vehicles’ tire use rubber and plastic materials, which you can safely use this product to clean the tires.

On the other hand, the manufacturer of VRP used a greasy formula on the tire, which dries instantly. After drying the grease, the tire looks glossy, and the glossy looked last long.

What Is Silk Shine?

Silk Shine is also a tire dressing product that comes from the Chemical Guys brand. However, this tire dressing formula is widely applied to plastic and vinyl materials. Though the manufacturer doesn’t suggest using this product on the rubber, you can use a light amount of silk shine on the rubber of the tire.

Unlike VRP products, this one comes with bottle spray. The shine you can easily spray on the tire and deeply clean the tire.

Most important, this dressing chemical uses the Weather Tek formula, which protects the tire from UV and other harmful outdoor elements.

This tire dressing is suitable for the exterior or tire and can also use the product on the interior of the car.

Unlike VRP, this unit comes with a non-greasy and water-based formula. This formula always provides a great finish, cleaning, and glossy look.

Chemical Guys VRP Vs Silk Shine (Core Difference)

Though they come from a similar origin, they have some visible differences, which I discuss in this section.

Easy to Apply

No one loves to use a product that is tricky to use. Undoubtedly, VRP and Silk shine are both easy to use. But, we need to compare each other.

Silk shine comes with a spray bottle, and VRP comes in a gallon or normal bottle. It is easy to use a spray bottle on the affected areas. So, it is clearly said that Silk shine is easy to use than VRP products.


Silk Shine uses the Weather Tek formula, which is ready to protect the tire from UV, extreme shine, radius, and other things. This technology is also ready to protect the tire from heavy rain, even acid rain.

On the contrary, VRP does not come with advanced technology. So, this product is unable to protect the tire from heavy rain or acid rain. But, VRP is capable of protecting the tires from UV rays.


Both of these products are popular and widely usable. We need to compare these two products by sale, and other is a regular basis.

However, VRP products are the selling product on the market. Silk shine is also popular, but not like VRP.


Silk and VRP are designed for shining the tire. Both of these products are capable of providing enough shining, so that car owners get a long-lasting shining performance.

To compare each of the shining products, Silk provides more shining than VRP products. The ingredients and other formulations allow Silk shine to provide better shine.

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The Comparison Chart of Chemical Guys VRP & Silk Shine

VRPSilk Shine
VRP comes on the gallon which you need to use on your handSilk shine comes with spray bottle which is easy to use than VRP products
VRP is ready to protect the tire from UV rays onlySilk shine is ready to protect the tire from UV rays, rains, acid rains, and some other harmful things
VRP is not used advanced technologySilk shine used Weather Tek formula
Provides long-lasting shine performance than Silk shine productSilk shine is also ready to provide long-lasting performance but less than VRP
VRP much popular than SilkSilk is less popular than VRP product

What Are the Similarities of Chemical Guys VRP & Silk Shine?

What Are the Similarities of Chemical Guys VRP & Silk Shine

Undoubtedly, these two products have core differences which you have already seen in the above text. But what are the similarities between these two products? Take a quick view.

Origin from a Similar Brand

VRP and Silk shine comes from a similar brand named Chemical Guys. The manufacturer produces these two products for tire dressing and provides glossy finishing.

Similar Goals

Though they are different products, their goals are similar. However, the main goals of these two products are to protect the tire from harmful things like UV, rain, and others.

Moreover, they also used so many ingredients so that the tire always looks glossy and stays the glossy finish for a long-time.

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Suitable for Vinyl, Rubber, & Plastic

VRP and Silk shine are designed to restore glossy vinyl, rubber, and plastic tire. These products are easy and safe for these materials.

You can apply any of these chemicals to your vehicle tires to bring them back glossy and shiny and protect the tire from UV rays, acid rain, and other harmful things.

How long does Chemical Guys VRP last?

According to my experience, the chemical Guys VRP stay lasted nearly two weeks. But I also notice that VRP lasts nearly 2 days when it comes to rain.

So, the last of VRP depends on the rain or other factors. If your car tire doesn’t come with rain or liquid problem, you can easily get at least 2 weeks of performance.

On the other hand, Silk shine stay for at least 1 month and a maximum of 5 months. Silk shine comes with water-resistant elements that protect the shine from water and your tire from rain.

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Is VRP good for interior?

VRP is a good solution for both interior and exterior because VRP restores the gloss and shine of vinyl, rubber, and plastic.

If your vehicle comes with a leather dashboard or steering hold, you should avoid using VRP on these sections. On the other hand, you can easily apply VRP in your interior when it comes with vinyl, plastic, and rubber.

So, you will use VRP in your vehicle interior to bring back new shine and glossy looks without creating any problems.

Which One Is Better for Your Vehicle?

It’s up to you. If you want to get a good formula for dressing tires and apply the product on your car interior, I suggest you consider VRP products. You will use VRP products on vinyl, rubber, and plastic materials without facing any bugs.

On the other hand, Silk shine is a better solution for packaging and easily sprays on the affected areas. If you need to carry the product and want a better solution instantly, you should go for Silk shine.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is chemical guys Silk shine for?

Answer: The Chemical Guys Silk shine is used for dressing the vehicle’s tires and shining them. This product is used on vinyl, plastic, and rubber materials. The main goals of this unit are to protect the tire from UV, rain, and other harmful things and bring it back glossy.

Q: What is the best chemical Guy tire shine?

Answer: According to my experience, VRP and Silk shine are the best solutions to bring back tire shine. However, if you need to choose anyone, you can go for Silk shine when you only need to use the product on the vehicle’s exterior.

Wrapping Up!

Chemical Guys is a brand that produces VRP and Silk shine. These two products’ gaols are similar, but they have many differences, which you already have gotten in the above section.

Both products have formulation, making, working, and other differences. Based on your need, you can consider any of them.

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