Does Hyundai Use Real Leather? [A Researchable Answer]

Does Hyundai Use Real Leather

Hyundai describes the car specifications that they use real leather for some of the models. Real leather varies from car brand to car brand. You may know that all car brands do not use real leather.

Does Hyundai use real leather? Hyundai uses real leather, polyurethane leather, genuine leather, or a combination of all of the listed materials. They design the car seat in a way that it is waterproof and heat-free.

A complete discussion helps you to get a clear concept of car leather. But, what can you do why your Hyundai car does not come with real leather? Let’s find out the answer.

Does Hyundai Use Real Leather?

Hyundai produces several models of cars. They used not only real leather but also used other quality materials.

The main goal of the manufacturer is to provide quality seats to the users. Quality leather avoids extreme heat and water to use for a long-time.

Moreover, Hyundai uses other materials and inserts several materials on the seat so that it can provide perfect balance and take enough weight.

Furthermore, it doesn’t mean that Hyundai used real leather, but they used quality materials which is essential to get a quality seat. According to my experience, the majority of cars of Hyundai use original cow leather and mixed materials, which provides you pure performance.

How to Tell If the Hyundai Leather Real or Fake?

How to Tell If the Hyundai Leather Real or Fake

After buying a Hyundai car or when you are going to buy a Hyundai car, this question may raise your mind and which is a common matter. But the question is that how can you identify the real or fake leather?

Though it is complicated to find out actual leather from vinyl, it is possible. So, let’s follow the below points to understand whether the leather is real or fake.

1. Is the leather vinyl real? You touch the seat and feel them. Vinyl leather feels artificial and stiff. On the other hand, real leather is soft and provides you with a natural feeling. Moreover, it also provides you with a smooth finish.

This method is more challenging for a beginner person. So, try to bring a person who knows about leather.

2. On the other hand, authentic leather always provides some wrinkles, which is another sign to find out real leather. So, you can check out the wrinkle from the car seat and easily understand whether the leather is fake or real.

3. Artificial or vinyl leather always becomes heat when you park the car under the sun. But real leather doesn’t come with heat. So, you can also test the car seat under the sunshine. Though it is a traditional way, it is still worked.

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Which Models of Hyundai Have Real Leather?

Undoubtedly, Hyundai used leather for most of the models, but you need to know some myths before using the models.

There are plenty of leathers on the market; all could be more authentic. For example, Faux leather is not authentic leather.

After researching real leather, I found the following models of the Hyundai car, which used real leather. So, let’s break down the following list.

  • Elantra’s: From this Hyundai car, you will get a real leather car seat, dashboard, and upholstery. The manufacturer used quality leather with a proper finish.
  • Hyundai Tucson: This is another popular car that also uses authentic or real leather. Moreover, the car also uses genuine leather, which avoids heat, water, and other problems.
  • Hyundai Santa Fe: This is my final selection which also uses real leather. This car used quality leather on the seat, dashboard, and some other areas.

Where Does The Leather In Hyundai Come From?

Finding real leather is very challenging. But, the car manufacturer needs to collect them at any cost to provide the users with better service.

However, Hyundai company collects leather from northern cows because this cow comes with thicker skin and is easily heat resistant.

Moreover, this type of leather is easy to customize and doesn’t scratch easily. After contacting the Hyundai manufacturer, they told me that they only collect the leather from the cows from the northern area.

Undoubtedly, Hyundai used quality leather and made it unique. They use leather on the dashboard, seat, near tire, and some other areas. Note that you won’t get leather on all of the car’s interiors.

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Does Hyundai use real Nappa leather?

Nappa leather is expensive leather and is used in luxury cars or other luxury vehicles. Though this type of leather is used in luxury cars, Hyundai and Toyota also use this type of leather on their car for more economic benefits.

Nearly all of the brands don’t use this leather for normal or average models. They use Nappa leather for their luxury car models.

However, Hyundai uses Nappa leather for its car seat, dashboard, and some other areas of the car. Nappa leather also looks different and gives you different feelings when touching it.

Hyundai Elantra leather seats?

Elantra is a 7th-generation car that began in 2021. They used the latest technology and quality materials.

Undoubtedly, Elantra used leather seats, leather dashboards, and some other areas. Of course, the leather comes from the northern cow with thick skin.

From this car seat, you will get smooth feelings and heat-treat performance. On the other hand, Hyundai Elantra uses genuine leather, which is also ready to save the seat from water and extreme humidity.

Hyundai Tucson leather seats

Tucson is another car model manufactured by Hyundai. This car dashboard, seat, steering holder, and some other things used real leather.

This leather also maintains quality. The manufacturer collects cows’ leather, and of course, the cows belong to northern areas.

Northern cow’s skin is always good enough to customize and get durable performance. Overall, Tucson used real leather, which is ready to provide quality performance.

Is It Worth Paying More Money for Real Leather?

Investing in real leather is a good idea, and of course, it is a decent investment. You can easily use quality and real leather for a lifetime.

Generally, real and quality leather needs to buy spending by $15 to $25. Though it looks costly, you can easily avoid repairable leather when your car’s leather is artificial.

On the other hand, they may be higher when you want to get more quality leather for your car. According to my experience, real leather provides lots of advantages over artificial leather. Check out the benefits and make the right choice.

What Benefits Will You Get When Your Car Seat Comes with Real Leather?

The real or original leather is always a good choice for the car seat or dashboard. But which types of benefits will you get from real leather on your car seat?

  • First of all, you will get lifetime benefits from real leather
  • It reduces heat and provides you with maximum comfort
  • Real leather is always waterproof, which means the leather doesn’t damage because water
  • Easy to clean and polish. Every time polishing your leather, you will always get a new look
  • Easy to maintain and useable in any kind of weather conditions

What did Manufacturers say About Hyundai Car Seat Leather?

I contacted 7 car manufacturers and 8 automobile experts about this matter. All the people suggest using real leather at any cost. They think that it is safe and also saves the cost to use.

Moreover, they also told me that real leather provides maximum benefits and always has a new look. Users can easily polish the leather to make the interior looks new which is another good option.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Does Hyundai have leather seats?

Answer: They have, but only for some of the models. Hyundai used real leather on the car seat, dashboard, and other areas but did not use all of the cars. Besides real leather, they also used genuine leather and other quality materials.

Q: What car companies use real leather?

Answer: Hyundai, Toyota, BMW, and nearly all of the car brands used real leather. Hyundai used real leather for some of the car models. They collect leather from northern cows, which is thick and easy to customize.

Final Words!

Real leather is always a decent investment for the car. It is not only ready to provide maximum comfort but also provide lifetime performance. On the other hand, real leather always looks new and is easy to clean with chemicals. Hyundai is not used real leather for all of its models.

They used some of the model’s real leather. But, the updated and latest car models come with real leather. The manufacturer of Hyundai provides maximum performance with real leather to the users.

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