Does Mercedes Use Real Wood? [Explain]

Does Mercedes use real wood

Mercedes is a popular car brand that produces different types of cars. They used several materials for the car’s interior and exterior. But does Mercedes use real wood on their cars?

Yes, Mercedes use real wood on the interior and exterior of the cars. Generally, Mercedes use natural grain ash wood, black poplar wood, Light burl walnut wood, and others. Moreover, the finish of the wood is also carefully, and that’s why users get real wood and finish from a Mercedes car.

Of course, several complaints have been made against the Mercedes real wood interior. Most of the complaints come out because of discoloration and wood faded problems.

Does Mercedes Use Real Wood?

Mercedes always use real wood for the interior of the cars. You will find real wood from the car seat, dashboard, and some other sections.

You may hear from the internet or other areas that Mercedes uses fake wood. But Mercedes always committed to the users to provide real wood.

For several years, Mercedes has used a real wood interior of the car without getting many complaints.

Well, if the wood is real and maintains quality, why is it faded and discolored? Or how can you understand that the wood is real?

Check out the following essential parts to understand and easily determine whether Mercedes used real wood.

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How Do You Tell If the Wood Mercedes Is Real?

Why do you hear from others about the wood of Mercedes when you easily tell if the wood of Mercedes is real or not?

No doubt, Mercedes use real wood. But how can you find out that the wood is real? Let me explain.

The surest method to find the wood is real or not touching and looking at the grain. Grain tells you whether the wood is real or not.

Wood always comes with different patterns, and when you touch it, you will feel whether it is wood or not because Mercedes used coated wood which looks at the grain pattern.

A veneer is another essential factor in finding out real wood. The real wood always comes with slight variances, no matter how careful the Mercedes is.

Mercedes used engineered on real wood; that’s why wood didn’t fade and cracked easily. Moreover, you will also find out the proper difference between real wood and fake wood using sunshine.

Real wood never becomes extremely hot under the sun’s shine. On the other hand, fake wood or plastic easily becomes hot, and sometimes, it is hard enough to use.

What Kind of Wood Does Mercedes Use?

Mercedes always takes care of its users. That’s why they are always collecting the best wood for the interior. But which types of wood they actually used?

Mercedes used different types of wood for their different models. Though they use different types of wood, they always use the best quality wood.

  • Natural grain ash wood
  • Black poplar wood
  • Light burl walnut wood
  • Black piano lacquer wood

To know more about wood names, you will contact Mercedes. However, you will easily contact them on their website.

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Does Mercedes-Benz Use Real Wood?

Benz is a popular car model of Mercedes. So many car owners, as well as drivers, asked whether Mercedes-Benz used real wood or not.

If fact, Mercedes-Benz avoids contamination of fake or faded wood on this model. Undoubtedly, Mercedes-Benz used real wood on the interior.

This car is a luxury car; of course, you will get a luxury feel. You will easily feel that the car uses real wood when you touch the wood and grain.

I would love to suggest you match the above points to understand whether Mercedes-Benz used real wood or fake wood.

Why Does Mercedes Use Wood Veneers?

There are so many causes that have to use wood veneers on the car. Mercedes not only used their car’s wood veneers but also used all of the luxury brands of the car.


First and foremost, wood veneers are eco-friendly. It is also a good solution for deforestation. Veneers don’t need solid wood, which is why the brands of cars easily reduce use of wood.

Veneers Looked Beautiful

Undoubtedly, veneers are ready to provide different crafts which increase the beauty of the interior of cars. Veneers are collected from solid wood, and that’s why the craft man easily makes any design perfectly.


Of course, wood veneers are durable and provide long-lasting performance. On the other hand, wood veneers provide a more durable performance than regular wood because veneers collect from quality sections of wood.

Users Can Consider Different Design

Regular wood is not ready to provide different designs. And that’s why you have some limited choices. On the other hand, veneers are ready to provide different designs so that you can easily customize your car’s interior.

How Can You Understand That Your Car Used Wood or Veneers?

What Manufacturer of Mercedes Says About Wood?

The manufacturer of Mercedes always says that they use real wood interiors. Real wood always provides users best performance.

On the other hand, the manufacturer is also ready to prove that the wood is real. Because so many people thought that the wood was fake.

Moreover, the manufacturer used real wood on the car interior and perfect trim and finish.

E430 Wood Trim Genuine?

The answer is yes. E430 wood trim is genuine. Mercedes and some other popular brands also use this type of trim for the interior.

Moreover, the E430 wood trim is far better for customization. The manufacturer used this wood for easy customization and durability, providing the users with long-lasting performance.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Do cars have real wood?

Answer: So many brands of cars use real wood interiors. But, all of the brands are not used real wood. They use different types of materials. However, you will get real wood from the Mercedes brand without any doubts.

Q: What metal is used in Mercedes-Benz?

Answer: A Mercedes-Benz used 50% steel and 30% CO₂. Moreover, they also used real wood for the interior as well as the car seat. Furthermore, you also get other materials from Meredes-Benz’s car.

Q: Where are Mercedes parts made?

Answer: Mercedes have different factories and collect materials from different countries. But their main factories have Germany, and you may know that Mercedes most of the parts come from Germany.

Wrapping Up!

Mercedes are always popular because of their design, quality, and other things. Undoubtedly, Mercedes used real wood. Even they used veneers to increase the beauty of the interior.

On the other hand, wood veneers are always a good option because of their durability, easy customization, and craft. Wood veneers are not only good options for Mercedes but are also used in different types of brands.

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