Does Oil Filter Brand Matter? [Practical Answer]

does oil filter brand matter

Oil filter is always essential for our vehicles. There are different quality oil filters in the automobile industry. Similarly, different brands of oil filters produce different quality oil filters.

Does oil filter brand matter? The answer is yes. All of the filter brands are not similar, they produce different filters, and their quality is also different. So, you have to look up quality filter brands to get better performance.

But which brands make quality oil filters? Or what things should you consider to consider quality oil filters for your vehicles? Keep reading to get A to Z information about this matter.

Does Oil Filter Brand Matter?

Technically, the oil filter brand is not matter. Though the oil filter brands always matter and we can take an idea about the quality of the filter, technically, you can avoid considering the brand of the oil filter.

It is a common matter that expensive oil filter brands always provide quality products. But, sometimes, it is not true. Why?

So many companies demand extra money than their quality which needs to be better for us. That’s why we should not always look at brands; it would be better for us to check out the quality measurement.

On the other hand, a quality oil filter always has some common signs which help you to find out the right oil filter for you. Check out the following signs to understand which one maintains quality.

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Which Brand Oil Filter Is The Best?

In general, no brands are perfect as well. All of the brands of oil filters have positive and negative sides. The best brands of oil filters vary from person to person and company to company.

According to my experience, Fram and Purolator both of them maintain quality. You can choose any of them based on your need.

Choosing the best oil filters depends on several factors. If you want to know which oil brands are the best option for you, you first need to understand your oil types and vehicle’s condition.

However, I suggest 5 popular oil filters in the following sections, which you can also check out and apply on your vehicles to get better performance.

  1. Royal Purple Extended Life Premium Oil Filter
  2. Motorcraft Oil Filter
  3. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter
  4. K&N Performance Silver Oil Filter
  5. Bosch Premium Filtech Oil Filter.

These 5 oil filters are truly far better for filtering the oils and providing the engine’s natural oils service.

How to Choose Right Oil Filter?

As mentioned above, brands don’t matter when you are able to consider the best oil filter. Based on my experience, the following points are essential to consider the right oil filter.

Dirt Holding Capacity

When your vehicle engine oil has a limited capacity to hold dirt, probably, the engine is affected by clogging. Of course, a quality filter is always ready to remove dirt at any cost.


ASBV means Anti-drain-back-valve. This thing ensures that the dirt doesn’t contain in the engine, and it protects the engine from dirt mixing.

Filter Media

Undoubtedly, filter media is responsible for bad filtration. So, you have to choose a premium filter brand so that it can work properly and protect the engine from any harmful things.

Oil filter brands to avoid

It is a little bit tricky to provide an exact answer to this matter. All of the oil filters have both positive and negative sides.

We can say whether the oil filter brands are worst or good enough based on the engine conditions, soil types, vehicles, and some other factors.

Based on my previous research, I found the following 3 oil filters brand worst enough. Because they demand extra money, but their work is not perfect and not durable as well.

  1. Champ Labs Oil Filter
  2. Borg & Beck Oil Filter
  3. Purolator PureOne Oil Filter

Try to avoid using these three oil filters. These filters are not durable and are not ready to provide premium performance.

Are all oil filters the same quality?

No, all of the oil filters are not the same, and they also offer different qualities. All of the engine oil offers different grade and provide different performance.

However, some of the oil filters are ready to provide durable performance and reduce the harmful things of oils. Moreover, most quality oil filters are ready to remove friction and other harmful ingredients from the oils.

On the contrary, some of the brands of oil filters are worse enough. They can’t provide durable performance and, most of the time unable to reduce friction.

So, before considering the best quality oil filters for your engine oil, you have to consider some serious points you can get from the following section.

Is There a Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Oil Filters?

Cheap and expensive oil filters have proper differences. However, check out the following visible difference to hassle-free compare each other.

Expensive Oil FilterCheap Oil Filter
It reduces dirt from engine deeplyA cheap oil filter is not ready to reduce dirt deeply from engine
An expensive oil filter is durable and provides premium performanceMost of the cheap oil filter is not last a long
Easy to use and assemble on the engineIt it little bit tricky to maintain
Remove dirt and ensure that dirt can’t contain on the engineMost of the times, a cheap oil filter failed to contain dirt.

Do I Need To Use The Same Brand Oil Filter And Oil?

No, there is no rule set to use the same brand of oil and filter at the same time. Most of the brands recommend using their oil filter and oil to provide the users with better performance.

When you use different oil filters and oil on your vehicle, you make sure that they are compatible. It is essential for a person to ensure that the oil filter and oil are ready to work properly.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Does it matter what oil filter brand you use?

Answer: Technically, it does not matter which oil filter brand you use. You just need to ensure that you are using a quality oil filter which capable of reducing friction, dirt, and other harmful thing on the engine.

Q: Does the type of oil filter make a difference?

Answer: Yes, the type of oil filter makes a difference. Because some of the oil filter brands are ready to provide a better performance, and some of them provide a worse performance. So, the type of oil filter is important for a car owner.

Q: How important is oil filter quality?

Answer: A person needs to consider the best quality oil filter for the engine oil. It is important because of avoiding clogging, rust, friction, and so on things. So, try to consider a premium-grade oil filter to protect the engine.

Wrapping Up!

The filter of engine oil is truly essential to protect the engine from harmful things. They also protect the engine from harmful oil ingredients. There are plenty of brands have on the automobile industry that makes oil filters but all need to be better.

I suggest you check out the above section to get better performance and choose the best type of oil filter to make the engine long-lasting.

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