Gear Oil Vs Hydraulic Oil | Best Comparison for You

Gear Oil Vs Hydraulic Oil

Gear oil and hydraulic oil are two different types of liquid that go under the oil category. They have key differences from each other. However, the ingredients, formulas, and other elements are also different. As a vehicle owner, you must consider the perfect oil.

Gear oil and hydraulic oil comparatively show high viscosity. Typically, gear oil is used in cars and acts as a lubricant. On the other hand, hydraulic oil helps the engine move water from the hardware and powered apparatus. There are notable differences between gear oil and hydraulic oil.

What Is Gear Oil?

Gear oil is a type of lubricant designed specifically for transmissions and transfer cases and is used differently in automobiles, trucks, and some other machinery.

It helps the vehicle drivetrain run smoothly and protects the vehicle’s critical parts. Moreover, gear oil also worked against wear and heat damage.

Furthermore, the oil is ready to reduce friction and gear the tooth surface. However, gear oil is made based on two components such as base oil and additives.

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What Is Hydraulic Oil?

Hydraulic oil is a type of oil or liquid used for hydraulic machinery. It also means fluid transmits power. However, this oil consists of oils and additives.

The hydraulic oil fills as an energy move or force transmission medium as well as sealant. Note hydraulic oil must be non-compressible liquids for the hardware.

You will get some benefits from hydraulic oil, such as saving energy, segment wear, and so on. It is ready to increase machine life.

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What Are the Difference of Gear & Hydraulic Oil? Gear Oil Vs Hydraulic Oil

These two types of oil come with so many differences. The following differences help you to hassle-free compare each other.

  • Grade: Gear oil typically comes with 80W90 or something like 85W140 grade oil. On the other hand, hydraulic oil grades depend on the inside of the programed, something like 10W20.
  • Viscous: Gear oil is more viscous than hydraulic oil. Both of the oils are good enough, but it is true that you will get maximum viscous benefits from gear oil.
  • Weight: Hydraulic oil and gear oil both come with enough weight. But gear oil is lighter than hydraulic oil.
  • Additives: Gear oil comes with EP additives and other quality inhibitors. On the other hand, hydraulic oil comes with base oils.
  • Thick: Of course, gear oil comes with thicker designed Hydraulic oil. Moreover, gear oil comes with less gear oil than hydraulic oil.

A Comparison Chart of Gear Oil & Hydraulic Oil

Gear OilHydraulic Oil
Gear oil grades are 80W90 & 85W140Hydraulic oil grades depend on the inside program, something like 10W20
Of course, this oil comes with better viscosity than hydraulic oilYou will discover less viscosity than gear oil
It provides wear protection and makes the engine life longerIt is less effective to protect the engine than gear oil
Gear oil is lightweight and thickHydraulic oil is also lightweight but not much thicker
Most of the time, gear oil is more effective for the enginesHydraulic oil is effective for the hydraulic parts

Mixing Hydraulic Oil with Gear Oil

It should be avoidable to mix hydraulic oil with gear oil. If you mix hydraulic oil on the gearbox, it will not meet the standard of the gear oil. Moreover, when you mix them, your vehicles part several problems.

For example, mixing hydraulic oil with gear oil may tear the gearbox easily. On the other hand, several parts of the vehicles are also damaged.

They are basically different in viscosity. Gear oil comes with high viscosity than hydraulic oil. Moreover, the additives are also different from each other. So, it should be advisable for you to avoid mixing hydraulic oil with gear oil.

Difference Between Hydraulic Oil and Lubricating Oil

Hydraulic oil is different from other lubricants. However, the primary roles of the lubricant and hydraulic oils are also different from each other. The lubricant is designed to reduce friction.

On the other hand, hydraulic oil is designed to transmit pressure (power). Hydraulic oil is only worked for hydraulic functions.

Lubricating is suitable for friction, reducing wear, and avoiding metal bonding. On the other hand, hydraulic oil is suitable for high and low temperatures, smooth flow, and reduced energy usage.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What will happen if I use hydraulic oil in place of gear oil in an industrial gearbox?

Answer: When you use hydraulic oil instead of gear oil in an industrial gearbox, your gearbox may probably be damaged. Similarly, you will face tears, wear, and other problems. So, avoid placing hydraulic oil in your industrial gearbox.

Q: Can you use gear oil in a hydraulic jack?

Answer: Do not use any other types of oil besides hydraulic jack. The motor or oil doesn’t work properly if you use gear oil in a hydraulic jack.

Q: Will gear oil work for hydraulic fluid?

Answer: No, gear oil is not working for the hydraulic fluid system. Because the viscosity and the additives are different, when you use gear oil for hydraulic fluid, the gearbox may damage and also causes tear and wear problem.

Wrapping Up!

Gear oil and hydraulic oil are completely different. The main difference between these two oils is viscosity and additives. On the other hand, you can’t mix the oils because of damaging gearbox, tear, and wear problems. Overall, you have to choose the right one for your vehicle to make the machine live longer.

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