Hazard Lights Come On When I Open My Door | Causes & Solutions

Hazard lights come on when I open my door

Hazard lights are essential to provide signals at night or day. Typically, most of the hazard lights buttons come with a middle space on the car dashboard. It works only when you press the button. But what can you do when it automatically works to open the car door?

Hazard lights come on when I open my door is a common problem. When you open the door, the jamp switch control the connection of your car radio. Moreover, the interior light or hazard lights turn on. Furthermore, the hazard lights turn on when you don’t lock the door properly.

Plenty of factors work, which turn on the hazard light when you open your car door. But, this article allows you to get some core reasons which help you to understand the actual cause and also help you to fix the problem.

Hazard Lights Come on When I Open My Door

There have some common causes I found that I turn on the hazard lights when I open the door. After researching this matter, I found the following causes. So, check out them to fix the issue as soon as possible.

First, when I don’t lock my car door for nearly 3-ays, I face this problem. The hazard lights are connected to the doors because it needs to provide a signal to stop other cars.

Second, the jamb switch is another factor that turns on the hazard lights. Jamb switches connected with interior lights and radio. So, when it doesn’t work properly, the hazard lights automatically turn on when you open the door.

Third, a bad wire connection is another reason I found to turn on the hazard lights with the door. So, you have to check out all of the wire connections which connect with your car interior and the door.

These three causes are the core causes which I found in my car. If you think your car also has these problems, you can check out the following solutions to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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How to Fix Hazard Lights Come On When You Open the Door?

Now, you have 3 different causes, which are the main culprit to come turn on the hazard lights when you open the door. So, fix the problem to maintain the following guides.

Car Door Locked Solution

Probably, this problem you may often face. When the car door lock doesn’t work properly, it is common thing that the hazard light turns on when you open the door. To fix the problem, you need to fix the door locked problem.

Unscrew the door lock and check out the condition of the lock. If you think it is rusted, you have to clean the rust and then reassemble it. Or, if the locked damaged, you have to replace the lock with a new one.

Jamb Switch Solution

A Jamb switch is also an important thing that helps to work the hazard lights correctly. However, if you think that the jamb switch is not working properly, you need to replace or repair the switch as soon as possible. To replace the jamb switch with a new one, follow the guidelines below.

  • Step 1: Remove the screws of the jamb switch. You will find the switch beside the door of your car.
  • Step 2: Remove the wire and other things from the switch.
  • Step 3: Now, buy a switch from the market (you will get the switch from both online and offline markets)
  • Step 4: Install the new switch on the previous position.
  • Step 5: Connect the wire properly and test it. If you think it has not worked, please let me know in the following comment box.

Wire Connetion Solution

This is the last solution for you. If the above two ways are not worked, you can check out this solution to solve the issue.

However, you must remove the door screws and find the wire. Check that all the wires are working properly and any wire doesn’t damage. If you find any wire damaged or cut, you have to fix them to solve the issue.

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Hazard Lights Flashing When Car Locked

It is a common matter that the hazard lights flash when the car locks. The manufacturer used this feature so that you can understand that the car is locked properly and you safely park the car.

On the other hand, the jamb switch works to flash the light. However, you can get a switch for hazard lights in the middle section of the car dashboard.

If you think that the hazard light created the problem in your car, you can turn off the switch to stop taking service from the hazard light.

Nissan Hazard Lights Flash Themselves

Nissan hazard lights flash themselves because of the built-in system. It is a signal that lets you know that the car door is locked properly.

You will fix the problem by pressing the button on the hazard light. You will locate the button from the dashboard of your car’s middle section.

If you think the button is not working and the hazard lights flash automatically, you need to discover the problems. Most of the time, the problems come out because of the jamb switch is not worked, the wire problems, and the door lock problems.

To fix these issues, I would love to suggest you follow the above step-by-step guidelines. Or you can also take help from the automobile shop.

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Why do my hazard lights keep coming on by themselves?

Answer: I found three reasons on my car hazard lights keep coming on by themselves. They are bad car doors locked, bad wire connection, and jamb switch problem. You have to find out these problems of your car first and then need to fix the issues without thinking anymore.

Q: What activates hazard lights?

Answer: It is also known as an emergency flasher of your car. When your driver pauses the hazard lights, it means that the emergency situation comes out. On the other hand, you will also press the hazard lights button to provide a single of your car’s condition.

Q: Do car hazard lights come on automatically in an accident?

Answer: The answer is no. It provides a signal but not for accidents. Moreover, car hazard lights don’t come with an automatic system. You have to press the car hazard lights button when needed manually.

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