Heatshield Vs Covercraft [Key Differences & Similarities]

Heatshield Vs Covercraft

We, the car owners, face much trouble of sunlight. Because we need to park the car under the Sun and that’s why our car interior becomes too hot to use. You may often face this problem.

Due to this problem, the car seats are burning, and the steering is also hard enough to touch because of the hot burning. So, what can you do in this situation? You may turn on the AC of your car. But, it takes much time to cool down the car interior.

You have the only solution to park your car under a tree or a place where Sun doesn’t reach out. But, it is always hard enough to find out the place where you can park your car.

So, what is the alternative solution? Sunshades are the best solution to this matter. It ensures that your car interior does not become hotter and allows you always to use the car anytime, anywhere.

However, today, I am going to share with you the two most popular sunshades, Heatshield Vs Covercraft. These two products are ready to keep cool your car interior and avoid the heat of the interior of the car.

What Is Heatshield?

Heatshield is a popular brand that makes sunshades products for the car. This sunshade product, most of the time, comes with 4-shades in 1-package.

The main goal of this product is to keep your car interior cool and avoid the heat that comes from Sun. However, you will easily protect your car steering, leather seat, wood, dashboard, and other things.

The manufacturer designed this product for use against the glass. You can use this product against your car windows glass.

The most interesting feature of this product is easy installation. The user introduction provides you with the best solution for the hassle-free assembly of your car.

You will choose the product based on your car size. For example, if you have a Mercedes model car, you can easily consider Heatshield from the market for your Mercedes car.

After installing properly of this product, your car interior is completely safe from heat rays that come from Sun. Overall, you will get the best performance to block sun rays using this product.

What Is Covercraft?

Covercraft is not much popular as Heatshield. Though it is not a popular brand, it is reputable because of its quality performance.

It is also designed to block UV rays from the Sun and keep the car interior cool. On the other hand, this product comes in a custom size, which means you can consider your own size from this brand before considering the Covercraft; contact the manufacturer and order the right size of Covercraft to get hassle-free performance.

Unlike Heatshield products, it is not a roll-up shade product. Most important, you can easily assemble and remove this product. When you don’t need to use this product, you can fold it and store the product for reassembling.

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Heatshield Vs Covercraft: What Are the Actual Differences?

Assembling & Removing

Heatshield is a roll-up sunshade. On the other hand, Covercraft is a foldable windshield sunshade. These are the actual differences between these two products.

If you need to roll up and roll in instantly, you should go for Heatshield. On the contrary, Covercraft product is suitable for easy removal and storage. So, when you often need to use a sunshade, you can go for Covercraft.


The most important feature of these two products is the shield. Covercraft comes with a windshield only. Similarly, Heatshield comes with front and rear shields for your car windows.

It is clearly said that Heatshield is ready to protect your car interior from rear and front sizes easily. Moreover, the Covercraft is only ready to protect the car from the windshield.

The popularity of Heatshield & Covercraft

Undoubtedly, Heatshield is much more popular than Covercraft. Heatshield is a popular brand because they come before Covercraft and provides quality performance. When a product popular means, it comes with the best quality features, specifications, and service.


Both of the products are long-lasting and ready to provide solid performance. But, when we need to compare these two products, of course, Heatshield is a winning product. I talked to nearly 7-car owners about these brands, and nearly 5-persons told me that Heatshield provides better performance and they have used this product for a long-time without getting any errors.

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A Comparison Chart of Heatshield & Covercraft

If the above comparison is difficult to understand for you, I suggest you check out this comparison chart. Based on existing users’ experience and my own experience, I made this chart for you.

Heatshield is a popular brand than CovercraftCovercraft is not a popular brand like Heatshield
It has both rear and front shield for better performanceCovercraft comes with only one windows shield
Heatshield is a roll-up productCovercraft is a foldable product and easy to restore
According to my research, Heatshield is ready to provide long-time performance than CovercraftCovercraft is also ready to provide long-lasting performance but not like Heatshield

Heatshield & Covercraft Similarities

Heatshield & Covercraft Similarities

These two products have lots of similarities; you will also get some of the key similarities described below.

Both Offers from Heat Rays

Both of the products are capable of blocking UV rays that come from Sun. Moreover, they also protect your car seat leather, keep the interior cool, and also keep cool down the steering of the car.


These products are easy to assemble on the car. You will get the available size of these two products on the market to easily assemble them. Note the manufacturer provides you with assembling guideline which is easy to follow.

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Who Should Own Heatshield?

Undoubtedly, Heatshield is a popular brand in the automotive industry. But is it suitable for your car? Or, which things do you need to keep in mind to consider this product?

Well, Heatshield is a sunshade product which ready to block UV rays that comes from Sun. On the other hand, it is an instant roll-up product. So, it is a good option for car owners who need to remove the product and assemble it instantly.

What about the monetary value? It is a long-lasting product, and you don’t need to repair or replace it frequently. On the other hand, it is easy to clean. So, you will use this product for a long-time without facing any problems.

Who Should Own Covercraft?

Though Covercraft is not a popular product like Heatshield, it is also one of the best-selling products on the market. Is it suitable for your car?

If your budget is low and you are unable to purchase Heatshield, you can go for Covercraft. It is also blocked UV rays from Sun.

Unlike Heatshield products, it is a foldable product that helps you to store and reuse the product easily. But, it is a little bit tricky to clean, and of course, you need to use accepted chemicals for cleaning this product.

What Users Said About Heatshield & Covercraft

Before starting to write about these two products, I talked to nearly 7-persons who are using these products.

First of all, all of the users thought that both of the sunshades were good enough and long-lasting to use. But why do they need to compare the win Heatshield product?

Why? Because Heatshield is ready to capture both the rear and front sides from UV rays. On the other hand, Covercraft only protects one space.

In my opinion, Heatshield is good enough for the car to protect from UV rays and keep cool down the interior space of the car.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is Covercraft worth it?

Answer: Covercraft is a valuable product to block UV rays that comes from Sun. It is easy to assemble and remove to use. Overall, the product is ready to keep cool down on the interior of the car, and of course, you will be able to park your car under the Sun.

Q: Do windshield covers work for heat?

Answer: The answer is yes. Windshield covers work for heat. If the windshield comes with quality features and construction, it is also ready to block UV rays that come from Sun and keep the interior cool down.

Q: What color sun shade is best for car?

Answer: Black color sun shade is the best option for a car. Because the black color sunshade reduces UV rays and keeps the car interior cool down. Besides the color of the sun shade, you have to focus on the quality of your sun shade.

Q: Does the windshield clear faster with heat or AC?

Answer: Windshields clear faster with heat or AC because heat and AC make the environment of the car molded. You should open the windows of the car when you are not driving to remove heat or AC air.


The Heatshield Vs Covercraft comparison is truly good enough for making the right decision. Before allowing any of these products, you have to get a clear concept about these products so that you can hassle-free use them.

Sunshade is an amazing solution for avoiding UV rays and extreme heat interior of the car. It truly sucks when we face much heat and other problems, and we are unable to drive instantly of our car.

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