Heatshield Vs WeatherTech Sun Shade [Dissimilarities & Similarities]

Heatshield Vs WeatherTech Sun Shade

Heatshield and WeatherTech are two different types of sun protection products for the vehicle. Sunray is truly harmful to the human body. Moreover, sunray also affects your car seat leather, paint, and other interior things.

The most common difference between Heatshield Vs WeatherTech sun shade is that Heatshield reflects heat and blocks lights. On the other hand, WeatherTech sun shade only blocks the light which comes from the sun. There are plenty of common differences you will discover between these two products.

Besides core differences, you will also discover some similarities between these two products to make the right choice. So, stay connected.

What Is Heatshield?

Typically, Heatshield is a thermal barrier designed for the car or vehicle interior from extreme heat. The product is designed for the vehicle to avoid extreme heat, UV, and rays that come from the sun.

You will locate the heatshield behind your vehicle dashboard. On the other hand, the heatshield is ready to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle.

The main task of the heatshield is to block out lights and reflects the rays. Overall, this protective product protects the car seat leather, dashboard, paint, and other things inside the car.

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What Is WeatherTech Sun Shade?

The main purpose of the WeatherTech sunshade is to keep cooling inside of the car in summer. On the other hand, it keeps the vehicle’s interior warm in winter.

Moreover, this protective thing offers the best protection from UV and other harmful things which come from the sun. The product protects the interior of the vehicle from the inside.

Furthermore, using this product will protect your car’s environment from frost in winter. Overall, you will get the best protection from this product.

What Are the Differences between Heatshield VS WeatherTech Sun Shade?

Heatshield and Weathertech sunshades are two popular protective products on the market. Undoubtedly, both of them are reputed and provide the best protection.

But, you should compare each other when you need to assemble any of them. Here, I am going to share with you my personal experience with these two products and also include some user experience.

Protection from Heat

According to the manufacturer, Heatshield protects the interior from UV, SUV, and other harmful things. It reflects the heat nearly 97% without creating any problems. Moreover, the product is also ready to keep the interior cool in summer.

On the contrary, WeatherTech sun shade easily blocks the lights and keeps the car interior cool in summer. But it doesn’t reflect heat like Heatshield.

Different Size

Undoubtedly, both of the products come with enough size. You can easily assemble the products on your small, medium, and large size car.

But, Heatshield is a little bit larger than the WeatherTech sunshade. I would prefer you consider Heatshield when you have a large car.

Weather Condition

Based on the weather condition, you should consider the right protective products. Heatshield is suitable for extremely hot weather because it reflects 97% of heat and keeps the environment cool.

On the other hand, WeatherTech sun shade doesn’t reflect the heat, but it provides SUV, UV, and other protection. Moreover, it also keeps cool of your car’s environment.


Both of the protective products are long-lasting. They use high-quality materials so that your car interior becomes safe and you can use the product for a long-time.

But, if we need to compare, Heatshield is a winning product. It not only uses high-quality materials but also uses advanced technology to provide users best performance.

Purchase Cost

If you have a tight budget, you can go for Heatshield products. It offers users affordable prices to purchase. Moreover, WeatherTech sun shade offers a little bit expensive price to purchase.

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A Comparison Chart Between Heatshield & WeatherTech Sun Shade

Key NotesHeatShieldWeatherTech Sun Shade
Long-lastingHeatshield provides lasting performanceIt is also provided long-lasting performance but not more than Heatshield
TypesHeatshield is an insulatorWeatherTech is a sun shade
ReflectsIt reflects the temperature nearly 97% without creating any problemsYou can apply heatshield in any kind of area of your car
LimitationYou can apply heatshield in any kinds of area of your carIt doesn’t reflect the temperature
Gas ConsumptionIt reflects the temperature at nearly 97% without creating any problemsIt doesn’t reduce gas

What Are the Similarities of Heatshield & WeatherTech Sun Shade?

Now, you have a perfect comparison as well as a comparison chart to get a clear concept. But do you know they also have some similarities? Check out the following similarities to gain some extra information.

Protect Car Interior from Sun

Both of the products are mainly designed to protect the interior from the sun. From Heatshield and WeatherTech sun shade, you will get maximum protection from UV, SUV, and other harmful things.

Easy to Assemble

Though they have different functions, you will easily assemble these products. The installation manual helps you to hassle-free use the product on your vehicle.

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Who Should Use Heatshield?

Undoubtedly, Heatshield is a widely used product. Nearly all people use this product to protect their vehicles from the sun and other harmful things.

Specifically, Heatshield is a good choice for people who live in summer areas and want maximum comfort from the heat. It easily reflects the heat up to 97%.

Overall, the product is also good enough who have a tight budget. The manufacturer of Heatshield offers a very affordable price.

Who Should Use WeatherTech Sun Shade?

WeatherTech sun shade is a good quality protective product for the car. It is suitable for the person who lives in average weather conditions. Especially it is worked far better in the winter season.

On the other hand, WeatherTech is not budget-friendly. So, if you think that you don’t have a budget problem, you can go for WeatherTech sun shade without facing any troubles.

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Which type of sunshade is best?

Answer: To consider the best sunshade for your vehicle, consider some serious points. For example, you should keep in mind that the product is ready to reflect the heat and also reduce other things.

Q: Where are WeatherTech sunshades made?

Answer: For decades, WeatherTech sun shades were made in the USA. In America, people work in the factory of WeatherTech sun shades. They have skilled people and advanced technology to make WeatherTech sun shades to get high-quality performance.

Q: Are sun shields worth it?

Answer: A good quality sun shield protect the car interior from SUV, UV rays, and other harmful things. On the other hand, it also reflects the heat and cools the interior. So, try to consider the best quality sun shields for the best performance.

Q: How much does shade reduce temperature?

Answer: It depends on your shade quality. If the shade comes with high-quality materials and construction, it may reduce the temperature by 1 to 7 degrees C. It is a standard measurement. You may get more or less based on the situation.

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