How to Remove Dried Compound from Car? [Step By Step Guide]

How to remove dried compound from car

Suddenly, I noticed that my car interior trim came with a dried compound problem. To remove dried compound or polish from my car, I am going to do proper research about it and also applied on my car and finally, I will fix the issue.

So, how to remove dried compound from car? First of all, I used PB spray and wheel cleaner, which works much better than most chemicals. Moreover, isopropyl alcohol is another good solution recommended by another friend Wilson.

These chemicals are good solutions to get rid of dried compounds or polish. This article helps you to get 3 important things such as a solution, chemical recommendation, and some tips and tricks to avoid this problem repeatedly.

What Is a Dried Compound?

The dried compounds are also known as polish, joint compound, and others. Drying-type compounds take a long-time to dry out and are used to fill holes or gaps and finally shrink as they dry.

It is bad enough for a car, both interior and exterior. The dried compound damaged the paint and was also hard enough to remove.

On the other hand, when you don’t take any action to remove the dried compounds from your car, your car interior materials also become damaged, which you need to spend a lot of money to repair.

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How to Remove Dried Compound from Car?

You will find plenty of ways to remove dried compounds from cars from the web. But I would love to check out my handy solution to remove dried polish or compound.

However, I used PB spray and wheel cleaning chemicals and also tested isopropyl alcohol. Both are working fine, and PB spray and wheel cleaning chemicals work much better than isopropyl alcohol.

Now, I will share with you PB spray and wheel chemicals to remove the dried compounds. Don’t skip any steps; keep reading.

Step 1: Collect Chemicals

First of all, you need to collect these chemicals. You can consider any of these chemicals to remove dried compounds. Note I am going to use a wheel-cleaning chemical (Chemical Guys CLD_203_16) for this project.

Step 2: Spray the Chemical on the Dried Compound Area

You will get the chemical with a spray bottle. So, you just need to hold the bottle and spray the chemical on the affected area. Note you should spray a minimum of 2 to 3 times on the affected areas.

Step 3: Wipe the Spried Area

After spraying, you should wait a minimum of 10 minutes so that the chemicals work properly. After 10 minutes of finishing, take a fresh piece of cloth and wipe the area carefully. Don’t use water after wiping the areas of the vehicle.

What Happens If You Leave Compound on a Car?

It is harmful to keep compounds in the car. Though it doesn’t damage the car, you will face some core problems which you need to repair and spend a lot of money.

So, what is your car’s actual problem when it comes to a compound that you don’t remove as soon as possible? Here is a simple list for you.

  • First of all, the interior or exterior of your car looks ugly
  • It damages the paint when you keep the compound for a long time
  • Most of the time compound makes scratches on the car.
  • You may need to spend money to remove scratches and repaint the car

These are the core problems which your car will face when it keeps the compound for a long-time. So, it is wise for a person to remove the compound from the car as soon as possible.

Does Rubbing Compound Affect Car Paint?

Rubbing and compound are inherently abrasive materials. These materials worked to restore the car paint. Most of the time, these two materials are essential for car paint.

But, when you use excess rubbing and compound, it may be harmful to your car paint. On the other hand,

Why is compound hard to remove? These materials damaged or affected the upper clear-coat layer when you use excess rubbing and compound. But, it is true that the paint is not damaged deeply.

On the other hand, you should be careful that the compound is not dried. Because dried compound or rubbing damage the paint surely.

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Why Does My Car Come with Dried Compound?

The compound used on the car is because of the painted framework. Most of the time, it is essential for car paint. But, when the compound or polish dries out, it is harmful to your car paint.

But why does the compound or polished dried and affected your car? First of all, when the compound comes with water and keep for a long-time, the compound becomes dried.

On the other hand, humidity is another cause which also causes dried compounds. It is tricky to escape from the dried compound from the car for several reasons.

Tips to Keep the Car Dried Compound

Here are some tips to keep your car dried compound or polished. Note it is a little bit tricky to avoid keeping the car-dried compound. But the following tips and tricks will help you a bit to avoid this problem as much as possible.

  • Try to keep cleaning the car, both interior and exterior.
  • If possible, try to park your car in the garage.
  • Use a car cover to get a better solution
  • Don’t park your car under the excess sunshine

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you get old compound off a car?

Answer: There are plenty of ways to get old compounds off a car. But car wheel cleaning is a good solution and works much better to get rid of an old compound of your car. On the other hand, you will also use PB spray to get rid of the old compounds from your car.

Q: Why is compound hard to remove?

Answer: It is an internal system that the compound becomes harder day by day. It is hard enough to remove because the compound is extremely hard, and you have to use chemicals to remove the compound.

Q: How do you remove the compound after polishing?

Answer: If you want to remove the compound after polishing, you can use PB spray or a wheel-cleaning chemical. These two chemicals are enough to remove compounds after polishing. You can also check out the above step-by-step guideline to solve the issue.


A dried compound is truly bad enough for an interior and exterior car. Most of the time, it affects car paint or trim. Even the looks of the car also ugly. When you face this problem with your car, you should solve the problem as soon as possible without delay.

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