Lexol Vs Leatherique [A Practical Comparison]

Lexol Vs Leatherique

No one loves the messy and dirty interior of a vehicle. Are you? I think not so. To keep your car brand new, you have to clean the car regularly, and of course, you have to focus on conditioning the car regularly.

Lexol Vs Leatherique is two popular leather conditioning products. It ensures proper leather cleaning doesn’t lose its elegance and keeps the leather glossy. Though they have lots of similarities, you will still find some core differences.

If you often research leather conditions, you may hear these names. As a car owner, if you are stuck considering the best leather condition from these two conditions, this article is one of the best solutions for you.

What Is Lexol?

Lexol has provided their service since 1933. The main purpose of this product is to keep the leather clean, glossy, and soft feeling.

However, Lexol is a type of chemical which only built for leather. You will use this product for cleaning and get a regular glossy look in your car or truck leather.

Lexol contains oils, commonly a formula that makes the product excellent and avoids leather cracks, wrinkles, and other problems.

However, the formula of Lexol found in gentle but very effective. When you use the product in several high amounts, your car leather may be damaged and dry out.

This Lexol conditioner is also very easy to use. And you may be happy to hear that so many car owners used this product for better performance.

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What Is Leatherique?

Leatherique is not an ordinary leather conditioner because of its unique working method and ingredients. That’s why it is one of the most popular favorite products amongst detailers.

However, this product comes in two parts rejuvenator oil and a pristine clean. Though these products come from a similar company, their working capability are different.

The rejuvenation oil is ready to make the Leatherique strong, and it can soften cupboard leather without damaging problems.

The main take of this product is restoring leather. You can apply Leatherique on the crack and dry out the leather to get the best performance.

On the other hand, the manufacturer used pristine cleaner which is ready to remove dirt, dust, and all impurities from your leather seats. After asking about this product, nearly 7 car owners told me that it is truly good enough for conditioning.

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What Are the Differences between Lexol Vs Leatherique?

Lexol and Leatherique come from the similar brand. They work differently, and users need to use these two products for different areas. However, check out the following different points to get a clear concept about this matter.


Lexol is used for regular conditioning of the leather. On the other hand, Leatherique is used two times a year. To compare these two products, Leatherique is ready to provide a more pleasant performance than Lexol.


Leatherique has more applications that are capable of restoring drying leather as well as wrinkling leather. On the contrary, Lexol is one of the best solutions for regular basis use and is suitable for regular detailing.

Softening Leather

When we need to talk about softening the leather on the door panel, you will use Lexol to get better performance than Leatherique. It seems that Lexol works far better and provides quick benefits than Leatherique.


Leatherique comes at a higher price than Lexol products. But, the price is not the key factor here because of the right product. Leatherique needs to use two times a year, which reduces prices. On the other hand, you need to use Lexol several times, which means you also need to purchase this product repeatedly.

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A Comparison Chart of Lexol & Leatherique

Lexol is a regular basis leather conditioner used for cleaning and restoring leather.Latherique is high-quality conditioning that stores dry-out leather and provides a glossy look.
You can use Lexol several times in your vehicle’s leatherThis leather conditioning is only suitable for use 2-times in a year
The Price is less expensive to buyThe price is higher than Lexol leather conditioner
Lexol used some of the applications to get better performanceLatherique provides more applications used to correct flaws
It is easy to use, and you can use this product anytime, anywhereLatherique is a little bit tricky to use, and you don’t use the product multiple times because of damaging leather

What Are the Similarities of Lexol & Leatherique?

What Are the Similarities of Lexol & Leatherique?

Now, you have enough information about these two conditioners. I strongly believe that they help you to consider your desired one easily. Now, let’s discuss some similarities between these two conditioners.

Both Are Cleaner & Conditioner

Though their ingredients and working methods are different, these products are cleaner and conditioner. Their main task is to clean your vehicle’s leather and make it glossy. Users use these two products for cleaning dirt, wrinkle, dust, and other harmful things.

Make Leather Life Longer

Both of these products are designed to make leather life longer. There is no doubt that they are far better for making leather good-looking and longer to use. These products are much more powerful to make leather life longer.

They Come From Similar Brand

You may know that Lexol and Latherique come from similar brands. They originated from a single brand. So, you will discover similar performance like technical support and product detail.

Is Lexol good for leather?

Of course, Lexol is a good solution for leather. It makes the leather longer life and glossy to use. On the other hand, this product is truly far better for making leather longer life.

You can use this product multiple times as a conditioner and clean the leather. It doesn’t create any harmful things when you use it.

But, you must remember that you should not use this chemical over time. When you use a large number of chemicals, then your car’s leather may be damaged.

Does Lexol leather conditioner darken leather?

The answer is no. Lexol never darkens leather and any cost. It makes leather lighter, which looks new to your leather.

The formula of Lexol conditioner is ready to protect the leather from wear, tear, and getting other problems. On the contrary, Lexol gently removes dirt, dust, and other problems from the leather.

The conditioner is suitable for saddles, bridles, harnesses, and riding boots. So, you can use this leather conditioner multiple times to keep the leather looking new.

Which One Should You Get?

I used these two leather conditioners and cleaner in my car seat leather. Both are good enough for quick cleaning and make the leather glossy.

But when we need to compare Lexol and Latherique, I always prefer Latherique conditioner. Why? Because of proper formula and long-time solution.

Moreover, Latherique allows you to use it twice, saving you time. On the other hand, its effect lasts a long which is truly a good solution. Overall, you will consider any of them, but I prefer to consider the Latherique products.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is Leatherique any good?

Answer: Leatherique is a good solution for cleaning and conditioning vehicle leathers. Moreover, this product you can use very limited time but still get long-time performance and effects.

Q: What is the best leather conditioner cleaner?

Answer: According to my experience, Latherique is one of the best solutions for leather conditioners and cleaners. This product is ready to provide lasting performance, and of course, you will save time by using it multiple times.

Wrapping Up!

Lexol Vs Latherique is a common debate because of its similar performance and originated from similar brands. From my testing experience, Latherique is better than Lexol. I already explained why you should consider Latherique as a cleaner and conditioner for your vehicle.

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