Mobil 1 Vs Fram Oil Filter [A Practical Comparison]

Mobil 1 vs Fram oil filter

Mobil 1 and Fram oil filters are both quality and premium oil filters. But, it is not possible to purchase two filters, and we don’t need to use these two filters at the same time. That’s why the proper differences help to choose the best one.

Mobil 1 Vs Fram oil filter comparison allows you to make the right choice. However, the main difference between these two oil filters is the number of media filter pleats. And, of course, Mobil 1 is the winning oil filter without any doubt. It is ready to provide premium quality performance and maximum protection of your vehicle engine.

Oil filters always play an important role in protecting the internal engine. For example, oil filters avoid entering spun-bearing metal and reduce friction. So, you have to consider a quality filter. These two filters are far better. But which one is a good option for you?

Who Is Mobil 1?

Mobil 1 is an American-based brand that produces synthetic oil, automotive lubrication, and another component of automobiles.

The best innovation of this brand is Mobil 1 oil filter. This oil filter comes with enough pleats and quality constructions that protect the engine from harmful things.

However, they were first introduced in 1974. The first time, they provided their products to the whole USA, but nowadays, they provide their product worldwide.

The manufacturer of Mobil 1 used larger indentations and other quality ingredients which are quite strong and hold as well as fit properly.

Overall, this oil filter is not torn by oil metal, friction, extreme heat, and other problems. So, you don’t need to change the filter frequently when you are using Mobil 1 oil filter.

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Who Is Fram Oil Filter?

Like the above Mobil 1 oil filter brand, Fram oil filter is also a brand based in the American country. Though they originated in the USA, they also provide their products worldwide.

However, they produce automotive products such as oil filters, automotive replacement part air filters, fuel filters, and similar products.

They started their journey in 1936. Though they started their journey before Mobil 1, they couldn’t get popularity like Mobil 1 brand.

This brand’s main goal is to manufacture original automotive equipment so that the users use the products for a long time.

Mobil 1 Vs Fram Oil Filter: What Are the Differences?

Undoubtedly, Mobil 1 and Fram oil filters are popular and provide quality performance, but they have some key differences. These differences allow you to get a clear concept and finally consider you desired one.

Protection Period

Both of the oil filters offer 20000 miles of protection. But, Mobil 1 oil filter offers more miles protection than Fram. Because Mobil 1 comes with a high amount of pleats and uses more quality ingredients than the Fram oil filter.


Fram applied 8 oval-shaped holes and internal metalcore, also designed inside the holes. On the other hand, Mobil 1 has an intel hole and a silicon drain valve. But you will get metalcore with louvers from this oil filter.

Based Plate

If we are talking about the base plate of these two oil filters, Mobil 1 is one of the best options. Because Mobil 1 comes with 6.4 ounces, and Fram comes with 3.9 ounces. Undoubtedly, Mobil 1 is thicker and comes with heavier weight.

Media Filter Pleats

The Mobil 1 oil filter comes with 67 pleats on the glute seam. Moreover, this manufacturer used synthetic blended media to provide the users with better performance.

On the other hand, Fram used cellulose synthetic blend media, which included 31 pleats. This amount of pleats is not offered premium performance like Media 1 oil filter.


Of course, both of the oil filters are ready to provide maximum protection. But, if I told you specifically, Mobil 1 is far better than Fram. Mobil 1 is ready to provide more protection and reduce friction to provide better performance.

A Comparison Chart of Mobil 1 Oil Filter & Fram Oil Filter

FactsMobil 1 Oil FilterFram Oil Filter
Intel HoleThe intel holes are smallerThe intel holes come with bigger size
O-ringMobil 1 offers bigger indentations and strong hold as well as hit benefitsHere, O-ring is not much strong and offers small indentations
Media PleatsIt offers 67 pleats with glute seamIt offers 31 pleats with a crimp seam
Number of FilterationUsed 30 micronsUsed 20 microns
LouversLouvers applied in the metal coreIt doesn’t come with any louvers

How Are They Similar?


Both of the oil filter gaols are similar. They come on vehicles to protect the engine from metal, friction, heat, and other harmful things from the oils.

Premium Performance

Undoubtedly, these two oils are ready to provide premium performance. Though they have many differences compared with other oil filters, these two are truly provided premium performance.

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Are Mobil 1 Oil Filters Good?

Of course, Mobil 1 is one of the best selections as an oil filter. This oil filter comes with a high amount of media pleats, quality internal ingredients, and advanced technology.

These quality features avoid entering spun-bearing metal, heat, dirt, and other harmful things. Moreover, metalcore is also good enough on this oil filter which also makes this oil filter better than others.

Similarly, it used 30 microns which is enough to reduce friction and other harmful elements. Overall, the price is also inexpensive and available on the market. So, you need to purchase the oil filter and use it on your car for a long-time.

Is Fram a good oil filter for synthetic oil?

Fram is a popular brand that produces automotive elements like an oil filters. However, Fram is compatible with synthetic oil. It also provides maximum protection when you are using synthetic oil.

However, the oil filter provides a maximum of 20000 miles of performance. Using a Fram oil filter will run your car 20000 miles without getting any oil filtration problems.

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Who Should Own Mobil 1?

Mobil 1 is always a great brand in the automotive industry. Especially their oil filter is good enough and provides premium performance.

I would love to suggest Mobil 1 for everyone because of its quality performance. Fram and Mobil 1 come with nearly similar prices.

So, when you spend some money, why should you not go for Mobil 1? Mobil 1 provides maximum protection, durability, and user-friendly performance.

Who Should Own Fram Oil Filter?

Fram is also a well known oil filter. You may need to spend nearly $10 used for this oil filter. Though it doesn’t come with quality ingredients like Mobil 1, you will also get the best performance from the Fram oil filter without any doubts.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is Mobil 1 the best oil filter?

Answer: Based on the user experience and price, it is one of the best oil filters on the market. The oil filter manufacturer comes with a high amount of media pleats, metalcore, and quality ingredients.

Q: Is Fram a good filter?

Answer: Of course, Fram is a good oil filter brand. It is durable and provides premium quality performance. But, when I compare it with Mobil 1 brand, Fram is lack behind. I suggest you check out the Mobil 1 filter at this price.

Q: Who makes Fram oil filters?

Answer: Fram is an American-based company owned by First Brands Group, LLC. They provide their service worldwide and, of course, maintain quality as well as availability.

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