Sparco Vs Recaro | Differences & Similarities

Sparco Vs Recaro

Sparco and Recaro are two popular brands producing car seats, especially racing ones. Nearly 3-years ago, I lost my car seat because of cracks, uncomfortable, and producing sounds when I sat there. So, I need to purchase a car seat, and of course, I consider a racing car seat.

Sparco Vs Recaro is both of my choices. However, I consider the Sparco car seat because of its stylish and comfortable design. On the contrary, one of my friends, Tom, used a Recaro car used, which also provides the best fitting and comfortable performance.

I researched these two brands for nearly 3-days. I found some interesting information and core difference between these two brands’ seats. Now, I am going to share my experience with you so that you can make the right choice.

Who Is Sparco?

Sparco is an Italian auto parts accessories company. Though they operated their business from Italy, they are a reputed company worldwide.

Sparco was first time founded in 1977, and they have continued their business till now without any problems. Typically, they produce helmets, steering wheels, harnesses, car seats, and racing car seats.

Their steering wheels and seats are popular worldwide. The racing seats are manufactured in such a way that the seats provide maximum comfort in every situation.

Undoubtedly, they used advanced technology to make the seat. Sparco used QRT (Quick Resin Technology) to make the seat durable, comfortable, and good-looking.

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Who Is Recaro?

Recaro is widely known because of its quality seats. They manufacture gaming seats, aircraft seats, children seats, and some other categories of seats.

People love their seats, especially racing ones, because of the proper finish, easy installation, stylish, and comfort. Even they produce different types of racing car seats based on the user’s needs.

Besides providing maximum comfort and a stylish look, it is ready to increase the interior decor of your vehicle. Overall, the car seat of Recaro is ready to provide you with all-rounder performance.

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Sparco Vs Recaro (Core Difference)

These two companies produce different types of seats for the car and other things. Though they have some similar goals, you will discover some visible differences between these two companies’ seats.

Quality Material

Undoubtedly, both of them used better quality materials to make the seat. Though they used better materials, Recaro is ready to provide better-quality materials to make the seats.

Recaro used QRT technology which made the seats much better than Sparco seats. The Sparco seat provides better comfort than Recaro. If you think that you need much comfort from your seat, you can go for a Sparco seat without any doubts.

Size of Motories

You can go for a Recaro seat if your vehicle has small motors. The Recaro seat provides the best fittings for small-size vehicles. On the other hand, Sparco is ready to provide large-size fitting performance.

It would be better for you to check out the vehicle measurement before purchasing a seat. If you consider the wrong seat size, your money may be worst enough.

Budget or Cost

You may not avoid your budget. You should consider the best quality seat with an affordable budget. However, Sparco seats are more budget-friendly than Recaro. So, based on your price, you should consider the best car seat to get maximum comfort.

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Similarities Between Sparco & Recaro

Sparco and Recaro are two different companies but they have some similar goals. Here, I am going to share with you some similarities between Sparco & Recaro. So, stay connected.

Both Are Reputed Brands

First of all, both brands are reputed in the market. Because they provide quality products and reliable service to the users, even users will get quality service from these two companies.


Undoubtedly, they provide maximum comfort to the users. Their comfortable performance is almost the same. Though they provide maximum comfort, you should focus on the fittings of the size.


From these two companies, you will get durable seats. The materials, technology, skilled person, and other things make the product durable. You will consider any of them seats to get long-time performance.

Is Recaro a Japanese Brand?

Recaro offers their product in Japan. They operate their business in different countries based on seat categories.

For example, Recaro eGaming (gaming seats) is based in Germany. On the other hand, Recaro was founded by Wilhelm’s brother Albert Reutter. So, it is true that Recaro is not a pure Japan-based company.

Is Sparco good seats?

Sparco is a reputed company worldwide. They produce different types of seats, such as racing seats. They also offer the users affordable budget seats to purchase.

However, this company’s seats’ materials and technology provide the best performance. You will get maximum comfort as well as perfect fitting from this company.

Overall, you will get lots of advantages to use this seat. Most importantly, Sparco offers customers long-lasting car seats so they can comfortably use the seat for a long time.

Who Should Get Sparco & Why?

Sparco is the best selection for someone with a tight budget but still wants to get the best quality racing car. This company car seat comes with an affordable price seat with the best quality everything.

With this budget, car owners will get maximum comfort, easy fit, lasting performance, and so many things.

Who Should Get Recaro & Why?

If you want to consider a racing seat that provides the best position in any situation and you don’t have a budget problem, you can go for Recaro.

It perfectly fits the passengers and drivers to get maximum comfort and enjoy the race. Though it provides high-quality performance, you must spend extra money to purchase the seat.

What Car Drivers Say About Sparco & Recaro?

It is tricky for them to find out the big difference between Sparco and Recaro seats. But, some of them share their experience with me about these companies’ seats.

First of all, they found Recaro far better than Sparco’s seat. They thought that Recaro provided better seating position, comfort, and easy installation than Sparco. But some of them also thought that Sparco was good enough to compare with its price.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Which racing seat is the best?

Answer: You will discover plenty of racing seats on the market, but all are not good enough. However, you can go for Sparco company’s racing seat if you have a tight budget. On the other hand, when you have enough budget, you can go for Recaro to get the best performance.

Q: What is an alternative to Recaro?

Answer: Undoubtedly, Recaro is one of the best companies which produces car seats, helmets, and others. But, it is also true that they have a high amount of money. So, you can go for alternatives of Recaro like Nutshell, Axkid, Bambi̇no and Solby Baby to get better performance.

Q: What brands are like Sparco?

Answer: Sparco is a reputed company. But, sometimes, they are unable to purchase. You can go for MoRek, ECOCAB, General Traffic and Brown & Watson International in this situation.

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