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Starting Fluid Substitute

Sometimes it is hard enough to afford to start fluid. It is a little bit tricky to use starting fluid on the road because we usually forget to carry starting fluid. Starting a fluid substitute may be one of your best solutions in this situation.

You have to keep at least one starting fluid on your vehicle so that you can use the fluid in emergency times. However, WD40, hairspray, mass air flow sensor cleaner, and carby cleaner. These are the quality substitutes allowing you to start the vehicle engine instantly.

These alternative starting fluids are truly far better than other starting fluids alternatives. Among them, WD40 is truly a good solution as a starting fluid alternative.

Starting Fluid Substitute

Starting fluid is always essential for starting vehicle engines. But, sometimes we need the alternative of starting fluid because of several reasons.

However, WD40 is one of the best substitutes for starting fluid. Why is it popular? It is popular because of its ingredients are ready to start the engine instantly without creating any damage problems.

On the other hand, you will also use hairspray as an alternative to starting fluid. Unlike the WD40 substitute, starting your vehicle’s engine takes some time.

WD40 is a standard and versatile substitute that you can apply on your gasoline, natural gas, and other fluid engines. It would be better for you to consider the substitute based on your engine fluid type.

In addition, I will share a simple table so that you can easily consider the best substitute for your fluid engine oil.

Fluid NameSubstitute
Gasoline EngineSeafoam engine, Throttle body cleaners, carb dry cleaners
Diesel EngineCarby (carburetor), Brake cleaner

WD40 As Starting Fluid

The manufacturer made WD40 as a starting fluid for gasoline engines. Make sure that you are avoiding using WD40 as a diesel fluid.

The ingredients and the technology are not compatible with diesel oil. On the other hand, the viscosity and additives are also not compatible with diesel oil.

It works as a substitute for starting fluid. But, you should remember that it is not a started fluid. You have to avoid using WD40 regularly and try to use it only for emergencies.

It may operate as a beginning fluid and not fully started fluid. However, the fluid is ready to provide better performance for starting the engine instantly.

WD40 is suitable for small and medium-sized engines. It also works on trucks and other heavier engines slowly. Note you will also use it for both cold and hot temperatures without finding any troubles.

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Where to Spray Starter Fluid?

The starting fluid spray should be used on the engine intake near the air filter. Moreover, you can also spray on the carburetor bore. A carburetor bore is a suitable space for spraying.

But, before spraying the starter fluid, you need to find out the actual area and then need to spray. So, where do you find the spray area, and how can you spray to start the fluid? Check out the following steps to get a clear concept.

Step1: Locate Your Vehicle Engine Intake

You must focus on the engine side to determine the engine intake. Because intake always comes with an engine housed beneath the hood.

Different car manufacturers use the engine intake in different areas, but most of them use the intake beside the engine.

However, when you see a metal tube with powder-coated paint, you must understand that it is the intake.

Step 2: Spray the Substitute of Starting Fluid

After finding out the intake, you have to spray a small amount of starting fluid on the air intake. You can use a very small and narrow size nozzle to spray properly.

Step 3: If Is It Not Worked?

After completing the above 2 steps, the engine should be started. But, if you think that the engine is not starting after applying the starting fluid, you should go to an automobile shop to fix the problem.

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Is Starting Fluid Substitute Good for Engine?

Starting fluid substitute or starting fluid is not always good enough for the engines. Because they produce thin materials on the engine and damage the engine parts.

When you continuously use the substitute on your vehicle engine, you may find that the engine takes time to start after a long-time.

Due to extremely cold temperatures, you can use the substitute, but you have to use the starting fluid continuously.

Using starting fluid or the substitute for a while is completely fine because it doesn’t affect the engine directly and takes much time to produce particles, friction, and metals on the engine.

Which Substitute Is the Best Option As a Starting Fluid?

There are plenty of substitutes on the market that you can use as a starting fluid substitute. Which is the best option for your vehicle, which produces less friction, particles, and other harmful things?

According to my research, WD40 is a good solution. It is not a starting fluid, but you can easily use it as an alternative to starting fluid.

On the other hand, you will also use hairspray as a starting fluid. Hairspray’s ingredients are also compatible with engine components which helps you to hassle-free apply the spray on the engine and easily start it.

Overall, you will also check out the user manual to know which starting fluid substitute you use. Moreover, your vehicle manufacturer is also ready to help you with this matter.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What can I use instead of starting fluid for diesel?

Answer: It would be better for you to avoid using starting fluid for diesel. You can use gasoline instead of starting fluid for diesel without thinking anymore. However, you can also check out the vehicle user manual to understand which starting fluid you should use for your diesel engine.

Q: What can I spray in my carburetor to start my engine?

Answer: You can spray aerosol petroleum-based lubricant after removing the air filter. After spraying it, try to start the vehicle engine so that the car starts. If the engine is not started, you should take help from an automobile expert.

Q: What Spray Can you use to start an engine?

Answer: You can spray WD40, hairspray, and some other things to start the engine. Due to cold or other problems, our vehicle engine doesn’t want to start, that’s why we need to use started fluid to start our engine.

Q: What is starting fluid made of?

Answer: Different starting fluids are made of different materials. But they have some common materials. For example, carbon dioxide, a blend of volatile hydrocarbons, and diethyl ether. These ingredients are good enough to start the engine.

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