SunTek Vs LLumar [Real Life Comparison 2023]

SunTek Vs LLumar

Now, all of car owners are familiar with the benefits of tinting windows. But, they need clarification when they want to choose the best brand. They don’t decide which brand they should install on their vehicle.

Though you will find lots of brands on the market, SunTek and LLumar are two popular brands. It is tricky enough to consider only one brand between these two brands.

However, both of the brands offer users similar benefits. But, some of the core differences allow you to consider any of them. This article helps you to find out the right one between these two brands based on the budget, specifications, pros, cons, and others.

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SunTek Vs LLumar

Typically, SunTek and LLumar are two popular brands. These are the world’s largest window film manufacturers.

However, these popular brands produce high-quality windows films ready to protect users from bad outside effects.

For example, when you assemble these window films on your car, you will be safe from UV, heat, and other harmful things. Undoubtedly, you have to attach any one window film on your car to protect yourself.

What Is LLumar Window Films?

If you asked me which was the winner, I would win the LLumar windows film. Why? This premium brand is ready to provide all-rounder performance.

However, LLumar is a brand that makes window films. They design two films: UV and heat rejection and ceramic tint, which is used for advanced tech to prevent interference with satellite, GPS, and radio.

On the contrary, LLUmar windows films offer a lot of benefits. First of all, they have a wide range of films.

What are the core benefits provided by this brand? Check out the following advantages as well as some disadvantages too.


  • Blocks up to 99% UV rays. They also block high-resolution UV, which may create chancer on your body
  • The brand also blocks heat rejection by 63% and 90% glare
  • On the other hand, your car windows glass also protected from extreme heat condition


  • It is dazzling effects

What Is SunTek Window Film?

Unlike LLumar, SunTek offers you tons of useful features. First of all, this window film ensures the users 99% of glare and heat rejection from the sun. Moreover, SunTek brand always provides a warranty for the products.

SunTek made different categories of window films. For example, you will discover carbon XP, standard, high performance, infinity OP, and carbon. So, you can consider them for your vehicle window film.

I suggest you consider carbon XP window film for the cars because it is one of the best products of SunTek which I have ever found.

So, why should you consider SunTex window film for your vehicle? You can consider this brand because of its engineered film technology and micro-thin layer, which are ready to provide the best performance.


  • It protects your vehicle from both animals and human
  • You can consider your own window films for your vehicle
  • Used engineered film technology and microfiber thin layer to provide better performance
  • It doesn’t interfere with GPS, satellite radio, and phone


  • It is a little bit tricky to maintain

How Are They Different?

How Are They Different

Though their goals are similar, you will find some differences. Here, you will get core differences so that you can narrow your mind and finally pick the right one.


First of all, they have a visible difference in warranty. LLumar provides users with a lifetime warranty and technical support. They have first-class support and a technician team which ready to provide you with a better performance.

On the contrary, SunTek provides a limited-time warranty and technical support. So, if you want an accurate and long-time warranty, LLumar is the best solution.


LLumar has a minimum radio interface, but you will not get any interface from the radio to use SunTek window films. On the other hand, LLumar is protective from UV, heat, and some other problems. It is hard enough to make a difference between LLumar and SunTek by the interface.


When you differentiate these two brands by popularity, SunTek is less popular than the LLumar window film brand. SunTek was established in 1920, and LLumar was established in 1977. LLumar gets more popular because of its quality products, performance, and warranty service.

Comparison Chart of SunTek & LLUmar Windows Films

It is less popular brand than LLUmarLLumar is a popular window film making brand
From SunTek, you will get limitated duration warrantyLLumar is ready to provide liftime warranty and support
SunTek comes with little bit radio interface problemYou won’t get radio, GPS, or other interface problem
SunTek is also provided quality window films but not more than LLumarLLumar provides more quality windows films than SunTek

Is LLumar and SunTek the Same?

Their goals are the same, but they are not like similar. They are two different brands which make windows films. These two brands are popular, and it is hard enough for a common person to make them different.

The similarities between these two brands are UV protection, heat rejection, glare, and so on. From these two brands, you will avoid interfaces of phones, GPS, and others.

No doubt, they have lots of differences, but you will easily find out similar things in these two brands. So, you can consider any of them to protect yourself and your car from UV, heat, and GPS or phone interface.

How They Are Similar? (Both SunTek & LLumar)

These two brands have lots of similarities, and that’s why you can hassle-free go for any of the brands.

High-Performance Protection

The main goals of these two brands are unlimited protection from heat, scratching, and glare. SunTek and LLumar have been providing quality products to users for a long-time with high-performance protection.

Crystal & Clear

These two window films brand guarantee you provide optical clarity performance so that you can safely drive. The dark shadow always protects the driver’s eyes from extreme sunshine, and he drives with an open eye.


SunTek and LLumar provide you with lifetime performance. Though SunTek provides you limited-time warranty, you will use the product for a long-time. So, it would help if you did not worry about SunTek and LLumar’s warranty.

What Is Better to Consider LLumar Windows Films?

LLumar is my favorite brand, and of course, there are plenty of reasons I have to love this brand.

The first reason I love this brand for 99% of UV protection. From the LLumar brand, you will also get extreme heat protection and avoid interfaces from several things.

Moreover, your car always becomes cool when you park the car for a long-time. The car window glass also comes scratch-free, reducing the cost of replacing the new glass.

What Is Better to Consider SunTek Windows Films?

SunTek is another popular brand that designs windows films. You will consider the SunTek brand for your vehicle because of its protection from UV, rain, snow, sunshine, GPS interface, and so on.

You will discover two different window films, and ceramic is one of them. Ceramic tint allows you to avoid GPS interface, heat rejection, and solar heat rejection. Undoubtedly, this brand provides quality films that allow you to use for a long-time.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is SunTek ceramic tint good?

Answer: Yes, SunTek ceramic tint is a good option for protecting the car and humans from UV, solar heat, and extreme heat rejection and getting a crystal and clear view. So, you can confidently choose SunTek ceramic tint.

Q: Is llumar tint good quality?

Answer: LLumar is a popular brand which provides their service since 1977. They not only provide good quality window films but also provide lifetime warranties and technical support. So, you can choose and add LLumar tint to your vehicle without facing any problems.

Q: Is llumar a good brand?

Answer: Undoubtedly, LLumar is a good and popular brand on the market. They are popular because of their quality products. Now, most car drivers purchase this brand of windows film to get lifetime performance.

So, Which Windows Films are Suitable for You?

There is no doubt that both of these window film brands are popular and provide the best performance. But, you have to compare each other to consider any of them. What is my suggestion?

I have an experience that LLumar is a winning brand and provides the best quality product. For example, you will get a lifetime warranty from LLumar, where SunTek provides a limited-time warranty service.

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