What Happens If I Put 5w30 Instead of 5w40?

What happens if I put 5W30 instead of 5W40

5W30 and 5W40 are used for different purposes. These two oils are well-known for the engine of the vehicle. They have different viscosity, additives, and formulas, which makes them different.

What happens if I put 5W30 instead of 5W40? I don’t suggest you put 5W30 instead of 5W40 because of its cost-effectiveness and lower viscosity than 5W40. On the other hand, the 5w40 is designed for higher mileage, and the 5w30 is used for different ranges of temperatures. So, when you put 5w30 instead of 5w40, your vehicle engine may not provide better performance.

However, before making the decision to put 5w30 instead of your 5w40, you have to compare each other and finally get a clear concept.

What Is 5W30?

5w30 oil is designed for multiple vehicles. Moreover, this oil is easily adjusted with different ranges of temperature. When you continuously drive your vehicle, it ensures the engine coolant and never becomes hot.

More specifically, 5w30 oil is designed and operated by as low as -25°C. So, it is one of the best choices for warmer climates.

It is not only suitable for a warmer climate and lower temperature but also suitable for fuel efficiency. As it’s fuel efficient function, you will save your fuel cost without any doubts.

Similarly, this oil is thick and versatile. Though users will get versatile and better performance, it is expensive to buy.

Overall, from this oil, you will get low viscosity which allows it to flow freely, moving the parts of the engine. The formula also ensures the long life of your vehicle engine.

What Is 5W40?

Unlike the above 5w30 engine oil, it is more popular to get higher mileage. Based on the operating temperature, the manufacturer provides the grade rating of this oil is 40.

It has a higher viscosity and helps users to drive their vehicles in the summer continuously. The additives and viscosity provide uninterrupted functioning of the motor.

Furthermore, this oil is ready to work within the -25°C to 35°C range. On the contrary, 5w40 has higher pressure but lower flow. Unlike the above oil, this one is ready to provide more fuel consumption benefits.

Overall, it is less expensive than 5w30 oil. So, if you want to get higher viscosity and have a tight budget, go for 5w40 engine oil.

What Happens If I Put 5w30 Instead of 5w40?

The grade of 5w30 oil is 30, and it has lower viscosity as well as additives. On the other hand, the 5w40 grade is 40, and it has high viscosity.

Moreover, these two oils used different formula, which also works for different purposes. For example, 5w30 is used for cool temperatures and also works for multiple temperatures. Furthermore, 5w40 is designed for the summer season to use.

The viscosity, additives, formula, and ingredients are different from each other. That’s why you should avoid putting 5w30 instead of 5w40. Technically, you don’t get any damage problems, but it may not work properly.

When you put 5w30 instead of 5w40 in your engine, your engine will get lower viscosity and additives, which also generate less power.

Similarly, you will use 5w40 when your engine needs to create high pressure and doesn’t need to use much flow. Most important, you can use 5w30 oil to drive in cool climates.

How Are They Different?

These two oils are popular, and they have some key differences. Here, you will discover key differences to understand why you should use 5w30 instead of 5w40 or not.


First of all, both of the oils are 5-grade when they are used in cold temperatures. But, 5w30 is 30-grade and 5w40 is 40-grade.

Secondly, 5w40 oil provides high viscosity, and the other one offers lower viscosity. However, 40 was used for summer temperature, and the other one was used for cold temperature.

Temperature Range

Temperature range is always a vital part of the oils. -25°C to 25°C is suitable for 5w30, and you can easily use this oil for this temperature.

On the other hand, 5w40 oil is ready to run -25°C to 35°C. So, you can use this oil in the summer season, and you should keep in mind that the temperature should not go up to 35 degrees C.

Fuel Efficient

Both of them have great fuel efficiency. But, if we compare each other, 5w30 is the winner oil because the formula and ingredients make this fuel system more economical than 5w40 oil.


Based on the ingredients, performance, formula, and technology, 5w30 demands expensive money than 5w40. To consider 5w30 oil, you have to pay extra money than 5w40.

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A Comparison Chart of 5W30 & 5W40

It is ideal for colder temperatureIt is ideal for summer season temperature
Comes with lower viscosityComes with higher viscosity than 5W30
5w30 provides better economic benefits and fuel efficiencyIt has poor economic and fuel efficiency
This oil is expensive to buyIt is less expensive than 5w30
Designed for versatile applicationDesigned for less versatile application

Can I use 5w40 instead of 5w30 for BMW?

BMW says that BMW car owners can apply 0w40, 0w30, 5w30, or 5w40 LL-1 oil in the USA. So, it is seen that you can put 5w40 instead of 5w30 oil for your BMW car.

However, 5w30 is expensive and provides lower viscosity. Moreover, it is suitable for cold climates; if you are living in an area where most of the time is a cold season, you should go for 5w30 oil.

Similarly, 5w40 is ready to provide higher pressure and viscosity than 5w30. It is designed for the summer season.

You can consider any of them based on the temperature and your budget because BMW oil system accepts both oils.

Can I use 5w30 instead of 5w40 in my Audio?

5w40 is designed for hot temperatures. Expect this benefit; 5w30 is better than 5w40 from all of the sections.

Both of oils are interchangeable. So, you can use 5w30 instead of 5w40 in your Audio without facing any troubles. But, it would help if you also kept in mind that 5w30 oil is not ready to provide better performance in summer.

On the contrary, 5w30 is not only suitable for Audio, but also you can apply this oil for your other vehicle as well as a lawnmower.

However, you should keep in mind that the temperature range of 5w30 is -25°C to 25°C. So, you should not use this oil when your Audio always needs to 25-degree C temperature up or -25-degree C lower.

Will the Wrong Oil Damage My Engine?

Yes, the wrong oil damaged your vehicle engine. But what’s the problem it created? When you put the wrong oil on your vehicle engine, your engine parts may damage and create annoying noise.

When you purchase your car, you will get detailed information about the oiling system. On the other hand, when you mix different viscosity and additives of oils, your engine also comes with trouble.

Overall, you should avoid applying different types of oil in your vehicle. Before applying the oil, you should check out the user guide that it is suitable for your vehicle or not. Try to take advice from an automobile expert.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can we mix 5w30 with 5w40?

Answer: Technically, they are compatible with mixing. However, you can mix 1 liter of 5W30 with 5W40. After mixing them, you can’t get into any trouble to use. But you should make sure that you are mixing the right amount of oils.

Q: Is 5w30 thicker than 5w40?

Answer: At a warmer temperature range, 5W40 is thicker than 5W30. 5w40 has higher viscosity and additives than 5w30. Moreover, 5W40 is suggested for most diesel applications.

Wrapping Up!

5w30 and 5w40 oils are designed for different ranges of temperature. Based on the temperature, users can purchase the oil and provides the engine longer-life solution. Even you can mix them to use without getting any problems. Overall, 5w30 is overall better than 5w40 oil.

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