What Is ActiveX Seating Material? [Practical Answer]

What Is ActiveX Seating material

We always accept comfortable and durable car seat material. ActiveX is a car seating material that is ready to provide comfortable and durable performance to users.

I have been using this material for over 5 years. In this article, I am going to share my personal opinion and experience as well as other information so that you will get a clear concept of this material. So, let’s know what is ActiveX Seating material?

Who Is ActiveX?

It is a high-end synthetic seating material. It looks like leather, but this material is made from other materials. Unlike leather, it is a crack-free and heat-free material.

On the contrary, ActiveX is more durable than leather and provides users with maximum comfort. The manufacturer offers plenty of colors so that users can consider the perfect color from this material for their car.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best alternatives to leather. If you want maximum comfort and durable performance and cannot consider leather, you should go for it.

According to my research, most o modern and luxury cars apply this material even though you will easily assemble this product in your car interior paint.

Overall, ActiveX is ready to provide you with suprior performance than original leather. Nowadays, its popularity is increasing day by day.

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The Ingredients of ActiveX

The main ingredient of ActiveX is a high-end synthetic material. You may often hear that they mix spin-offs of vinyl which is not true.

Moreover, this product also uses rust-free or stain-free materials to protect your car seat from rust and stain. The finished chemical is also ready to provide luxury looks.

Furthermore, the material is chemically synthesized, which ensures ActiveX’s lasting quality. Undoubtedly, the ingredients make this component durable, and long-time use benefits.

The ingredients and constructions make this product a way that the extreme sunshine or water, as well as other things, don’t crack it.

What Is ActiveX Seating Material?

ActiveX seating material is a type of material used for luxury and premium car seats. Unlike leather, Cloth, and other materials, these materials are widely used because of providing the best performance for the users.

Similarly, this material is made of different ingredients such as high-end synthetic, quality chemicals, etc.

So, it is true that this material never cracked or damaged. Moreover, you may need to spend less money on regular cleaning. Overall, it is ready to provide a proper finish, which looks like a brand-new car seat.

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ActiveX Seating Material Vs Leather

The leather businessman for the car is concerned that ActiveX will replace the leather after some years. It is true because of ActiveX seating material quality and performance.

Here, you will discover some of the core differences so that they can easily differ from each other and finally choose the right one.

ActiveX Less Expensive Than Leather

You may know that original leather is always expensive because original leather provides the users maximum comfort, durability, good looking, and so on.

But ActiveX is less expensive than leather. However, it is less expensive and ready to provide high performance than leather. ActiveX serves users more time than leather.

Repair Cost

ActiveX only demands a little money to repair. When you repair this material, you will easily repair it without spending much money.

On the other hand, leather is always expensive to repair. Because it is hard enough to repair, and the repair person needs to use several tools, chemicals, and so on.

ActiveX Doesn’t Contain Animal-Based Material

Leather is full of animal-based material. Similarly, ActiveX is strictly obtained from animal-based materials. Most users thought we should use ActiveX material to support our animals.

Easy to Care

Leather is always sensitive, and you should always be careful about your car’s leather. On the other hand, ActiveX is easy to operate and maintain. Even you should not look out for several times on this material.

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It is easy to use and maintainIt is easy to use but tricky to maintain
Need to spend less money for repairingUsers need to spend much money to repair
ActiveX is less expensive than leatherThe original leather is always expensive
Provides more comfortable and durability to use continouslyIt also provides maximum comfort and durability but not much than ActiveX

How They Are Similars?

Good Looking

First of all, ActiveX and leather are used for good looking. These two materials are far better for increasing the car’s interior looks. Most of the premium cars used ActiveX and leather to look premium.


Of course, both of the materials are comfortable to use. You will get a cool feeling from these materials in extreme sunshine or heated areas. So undoubtedly, their main goals are to provide the users with maximum comfort and durability and increase the look.

Soft Touching

Another similarity you will discover between these two materials is soft touching. You will get a soft touch feeling from the materials (Leather & ActiveX).

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Is ActiveX Seating Material Hot?

Actually, ActiveX seating material stays hot in the sun. Like original leather, you will feel cool and comfortable under the sun’s extreme heat.

This material is one of the best materials for the interior of the car. It doesn’t take UV rays and sunshine, and that’s why it always keeps cool down, and users get a comfortable feeling.

The material not only keeps the seat cool but also avoids cracks and problems which occur from extreme heat. That’s why you can use the ActiveX seating material for a long-time.

Overall, ActiveX never becomes hot. The polishes, chemicals, and constructions keep the car safe from sunshine or other heated temperature.

ActiveX Seats Vs Cloth

It is rare to find out Cloth on car seats because most of the car seats come with original leather, artificial leather, and other materials.

On the contrary, ActiveX is much better than leather as well as Cloth. You will get more benefits than clothes to use on a car seat.

But what are the differences have of these two materials? Check out the following differences.


First and foremost, you will notice the difference in durability. ActiveX uses synthetic ingredients which ready to provide durable performance. Even you will get more durability than leather.

Whatever Cloth is not much durable. You will get durability but not like ActiveX because Cloth is not capable of taking enough pressure.


Of course, Cloth becomes messy first, and it also dirt easily. On the other hand, ActiveX is not easily dirt and dust because of its ingredients. So you don’t need to clean ActiveX seating material frequently.


ActiveX is more expensive than Cloth. You will need to spend more money to buy ActiveX than Cloth. However, quality Cloth may be ready to provide solid performance, but you can use ActiveX to get better performance.

ActiveX is more durable than ClothCloth is not much durable like ActiveX
This material provides soft and comfortable performanceCloth may not ready to provide soft touch feeling
Need to spend more money to buyNeed to spend less money to buy

How To Clean ActiveX Seats?

Though ActiveX seats don’t need to clean frequently, you have to clean this material from time to time. But how can you clean ActiveX seats? Here is the simple and effective way which you need to follow.

  • Step 1: Before starting to clean the ActiveX seat, you have to vacuum all of the specks of dirt, debris, and other things. You can use a car vacuum cleaner.
  • Step 2: Now, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the bottom areas of the seat.
  • Step 3: If you find stubborn stains, you can use water and soap to clean the ActiveX seat.
  • Step 4: Make sure that the seat rinse thoroughly

What Does Car Owner Thought About ActiveX Seating Material?

The majority of car owners thought that ActiveX seat material was softer than leather or Cloth. On the other hand, they also found the material durable and easy to clean.

Similarly, they found it very impressive because of the lower high price. They don’t need to repair the seat frequently. Most important, they car park the car under the sun and don’t get any heat problems.

Overall, the car owner always found ActiveX seating material helpful. But, some of them complain that the colors are not available and it comes with some specific color.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is ActiveX material leather?

Answer: No, ActiveX material is not leather. It is high-end synthetic seating material specially designed for car seats. Unlike leather, it provides better stability, comfort, and peace of mind user experience.

Q: Is ActiveX material good?

Answer: Of course, ActiveX is a good material for car seats. Even if it is good quality material than leather, from this material, you will get maximum comfort, heat-free performance, and durability.

Wrapping Up!

ActiveX seating material is truly a good solution for cars and other vehicles seat. But, the manufacturers used this material on premium cars or vehicles. Moreover, this material is less expensive and always provides the best performance to the users.

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