Will Transmission Fluid Stop Rust? [Tested Answer]

will transmission fluid stop rust

Rust is a devastating thing on the car. Even every car owners face rust problems and find the solution on the web regularly. Rust is also a common matter on the vehicle’s materials as well as parts which you have to remove regularly.

So, will transmission fluid stop rust? The answer is no. You just waste your time removing rust using transmission fluid. Typically, transmission fluid is designed for the gearing system and the vehicle’s engine to keep running the vehicles.

Transmission just prevents rust and also makes it easier to remove rust. So, what can you do to remove rust by using transmission fluid? Stay connected to get a complete solution.

What Is Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid is a type of fluid used for gearing or gearbox of the vehicle. There are two types of transmission fluid such as ATF and manual transmission fluid.

It is ready to provide hydraulic pressure and also remove friction from the engine. Moreover, the fluid also provides power for the engine.

On the other hand, the transmission fluid protects the engine parts from rust, wear, tear, friction, and other harmful things. Of course, transmission fluid is a good solution for a new and old engine of vehicles.

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Will Transmission Fluid Stop Rust?

The ingredients of the transmission fluid is truly far better to create pressure and also protect the engine parts. Moreover, the fluid is also a good solution for the gearbox.

But, this fluid system is unable to remove rust from your vehicle. Because the ingredients are not ready to fight against rust.

On the other hand, it is just ready to make the process easier. That means the transmission fluid helps you to remove rust but not completely remove them.

So, when you use this fluid for stopping rust, you just waste the fluid. So, it would be better for you to remove rust only using the transmission fluid.

However, you can use another element with transmission fluid to remove rust. However, check out the following section to mix an effective thing with transmission to remove rust.

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Mix Acetone with Transmission Fluid to Remove Rust

Mix Acetone with Transmission Fluid to Remove Rust

Mixing acetone with transmission fluid helps you to remove rust very fast and deeply. Acetone with transmission fluid makes powerful ingredients for removing rust.

So many people don’t know that acetone is a secret ingredient used for removing rust and stain from vehicles. So, how to mix acetone with transmission fluid?

  • Step 1: Take a pot based on needing the amount of acetone and transmission fluid
  • Step 2: Drop acetone and transmission fluid on the pot. Try to take extra transmission fluid than acetone
  • Step 3: Mix them properly. Mix them for at least 2-3 minutes so that they can mix properly
  • Step 4: Out them on a spray bottle so that you can easily spray the mixer on the affected areas of your vehicle.

These 4-steps help you to properly make the recipe to remove rust from your vehicle. Make sure that you maintain the proper measurement so that the recipe becomes much more powerful to remove rust.

What Are The Main Uses Of Transmission Fluid?

Generally, transmission fluid is used for gearbox, gear, clean and protect the components, apply for protecting wear, tear, friction, and other harmful things.

Moreover, the transmission fluid is not used for removing rust. Because the ingredients of this fluid are not suitable for removing rust.

Furthermore, you will use transmission fluid to make the task easier to remove rust. However, mixing with acetone helps you to remove rust from your vehicle.

It should be a better option for you to use this fluid only for the gearbox, gear, removing friction, tear, and wear from your vehicle. If you don’t have any option, you can mix another powerful chemical with transmission fluid to remove your vehicle rust.

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What to Spray on Rust to Stop It?

Rust is removable. There are couples of ways have which you can follow to remove rust or stop rust from your vehicles.

After testing two ways, I think the following two tested methods help you a lot to remove rust from the vehicles.

WD40 Solution

WD40 is a starting fluid alternative and also a helpful chemical to remove rust. From this product, you will get versatile performance.

However, to use WD40 products, you need to spray on the affected areas of the vehicles. After spraying multiple times, you have to wait a minimum of 10 minutes so that the product can work properly.

After 10 minutes, take a brush or scrub to clean the areas deeply. Take your time and try to scrub the areas a couple of times. Finally, use mineral water to deeply clean the areas.


Though using sandpaper is time-killing, it is also worked much better to remove rust from vehicles. However, you have to collect quality and deep sandpaper so that you don’t need to create much pressure.

In addition, you can also purchase sandpaper tools to work faster. After using the sandpaper and removing rust, you can use cleaner so that you will get a glossy finish.

Does The Type Of Transmission Fluid Matter To Remove Rust?

The official answer is no. The types of transmission fluid are not matter. There are two types of transmission fluid on the market such as ATF and another one is manual.

Both of them are not effective to remove rust from your vehicle. You have to add third-party chemicals to make the transmission fluid powerful.

ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) or manual transmission fluid only helps you to make the process easier to remove rust from the vehicles and doesn’t help you to completely remove rust from the vehicles.

So, it doesn’t matter which type of transmission fluid you used for removing rust from the vehicles. You have to use other elements like acetone to make the fluid powerful.

Can I Use Chemical Rust Removers?

Chemical is always a better solution to remove rust. A strong acid is able to remove rust easily. But, using strong acid is also harmful to you as well as your vehicle parts.

So, what chemical you should be used to remove rust from your vehicle? Well, you will use white vinegar and baking soda, WD40, Rust 911 Ultra Concentrate, and some other chemicals.

These chemicals are leading and powerful to use. If possible, you should go for WD40 to get the better performance to remove rust problems.

On the contrary, rust-removing chemicals should be safe for the parts of the vehicle. If you are unable to consider safe rust-removing chemicals, your vehicle parts may damage and you need to spend money to repair the parts.

Best Way to Undercarriage Rust Protection Solution?

The undercarriage is time killing solution. You don’t need to use undercarriage until you use acetone. However, undercarriage is also not a big deal with transmission fluid to remove rust.

You can follow other things to get a rust protection solution. Try to clean the car and keep a good environment, especially with balanced moisture to avoid fast rust getting on the vehicles.

Be Aware of When You Are Using Transmission Fluid

Of course, you need to maintain proper safety when you are using transmission fluid. it is not a flammable liquid and that’s why you have to care about this matter.

The most dangerous thing is that it catches fire. Make sure that the firable things are far away from your working space and do the job as soon as possible.

Moreover, the transmission fluid also damages the paint of your car. Because this fluid ingredients are not compatible with car or vehicle paint.

There are plenty of problems you may face when you are using transmission fluid. So, when you are using it, you have to wear a pair of hand gloves, a mask, eye goggles, and other safety things.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is transmission fluid good for rust removal?

Answer: No, transmission fluid is not good enough for removing rust. Transmission fluid is designed for the gear, and gearbox, and protects the engine from friction, wear, and tear. However, you can mix acetone with this fluid to make it powerful for removing rust.

Q: What is the best oil to prevent rust?

Answer: If you are searching for the best oil to prevent rust, you have to use WD40 without thinking anymore. However, you use transmission fluid with acetone to get a powerful rust remover.

Q: Does lubricant stop rust?

Answer: It depends on the type of lubricant. For example, Penetrating lubricants are ready to stop rust from your vehicles. Rust is a natural thing which comes because of excess moisture and other harmful things. So, clean the rust or stop the rust as soon as possible to avoid damaging the parts of the vehicle.

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